Advantages of aluminum Drawing oil

- Apr 20, 2018-

Aluminum Drawing oil is a kind of metalworking oil, also known as aluminum drawing oil, aluminum stretch oil, which is used for aluminum and alloy drawing process of an auxiliary, it is divided into oil and water soluble type two types. With lubrication, cleaning, cooling, rust and other functions.

He has a lot of a bit, today is simple to say several.

Lubrication of a special lubricating element, dissolved in the water at room temperature, drawing when the temperature rises from the water precipitation, adhesion online surface, temperature reduction and dissolved in water and has cleaning effect.

1. Bright unique protection performance, aluminum and water, oxygen contact to maintain brightness.

2 • Clean wire surface without oil, surface residue of aluminum ash less, easy to clean, reduce beads, bright spots, aluminum and other defects.

3. The viscosity of the separation emulsion is close to that of water, and the aluminum ash settlement is quick and easy to clean up.

4. Economy compared with pure oil products, lubricant cost is reduced by more than half.

5. Hygienic production environment is clean and hygienic, which is beneficial to management and workers ' welcome. 5. Safety does not fire, does not smoke, non-corrosive, does not stimulate the skin.