Classification of materials for spray porcelain guide Wheel of combined pulley

- Apr 18, 2018-

1, Chromium oxide: Dark green, micro-dense coating, polished finish is very good, there is a good chemical stability, also insoluble in, alkali, salt and other solvents, so the coating in a variety of corrosive media, the high hardness of chromium oxide coating, apply to wear occasions.


(Combination guide wheel)


2, aluminum-Titanium mixed ceramics: With the increase of TiO2, the coating changed from light gray to bluish black with a melting point of about 1800 ℃.


coating porosity is low, polished finish is good, in use does not produce static electricity, so the aluminum-titanium ceramic coating A large number of chemical fiber textile, printing, printing and dyeing industries.


3, Alumina: White with a melting point of 2050 ℃. Because of high hardness, can be used as a wear-resistant coating for mechanical seals, plunger, shaft parts and other occasions, but also the ability to acid, alkali, salt and other corrosion.

(Combination guide wheel)


4, Zirconia: White, melting point of 2,860 ℃, for high-temperature gas erosion parts of the protection and insulation coating preparation.