Effect of Water on Performance of Crosslinked Cable Products

- May 14, 2018-

With the continuous deepening of the market economy and increasingly fierce competition, the competition between enterprises and enterprises is ultimately a product quality and service competition. As we all know, product quality is the life of a company. Good product quality will make an enterprise invincible in the tide of market competition and it is the source of sustainable development of a company. High-voltage cross-linked polyethylene insulated cable (hereinafter referred to as cross-linked cable) as my company's leading product, its level of quality will directly affect the success of the company in the market competition.

Since the establishment of the company, through the joint efforts of all employees, the quality of the cross-linked cables of our company is at a relatively high level. We will mainly discuss the harm caused by the ingress of water to cross-linked cables. Cross-linked cable water is mainly divided into the conductor inlet and jacket water (including internal protection), water or moisture for the use of polymer materials for the cable, can make hydrolysis, reduce the strength and softness of the material, moisture is Adsorption, absorption and diffusion of polymers can seriously deteriorate the electrical properties and reduce the surface resistance, volume resistance and breakdown field strength, and increase the loss tangent of the capacitance and dielectric. After the cable enters the water, the product is driven by the electric field. Water tree aging phenomenon occurs. The higher the humidity, the higher the temperature, the higher the voltage, and the more ions in the water, the faster the water tree development. All of the above, will lead to shortened product life, severe product breakdown in a short time .

Cross-linked cables are mainly concentrated in two processes during the production process: cross-linking process and jacketing process. In the production process of the cross-linking process, the cross-linked insulated wire core is infiltrated into the water due to the fact that the cable water-blocking joint is not properly handled. Once the water or moisture enters the interior of the insulated wire core, it is difficult to handle and only the incoming water can be delivered. Cut off the core, resulting in material waste, increased costs, and even delay the delivery of the cable; in the production process of the sheathing process, due to the operator's work responsibility is not strong or operational errors, causing the cable head to fall off during the traction The thickness and eccentricity of the inner and outer sheaths of the cable are not controlled during the process of entering the water tank or in the cable, causing the water to enter the interior of the cable after the hole is formed. If the head water enters, the head water cable can only be cut off and the cable is affected. The number of goods; such as the middle of the cable due to the jacket into the hole, it is difficult to deal with drying, that is, using a blower, it is difficult to blow dry, once the cable is shipped, in the long run, the cable into the water becomes an impact The hidden dangers of safe cable operation may eventually lead to cable breakdown or return, and the consequences are very serious. In addition, in the middle of packaging and storage and transportation process, cable water ingression may also occur. Once the cable gland is not sealed or the cable is damaged due to storage and transportation, the water in the cable end can also be infiltrated, which is difficult for customers to accept.

The influence of cross-linked cable influent on product quality We have already learned that how to avoid the problem of cable inflow is placed before us. This requires each of our employees to strictly control, strengthen their sense of responsibility, and improve their operational level. Strict implementation of a variety of operating procedures, methods, efforts to prevent the quality of the cable into the water quality problems, improve product quality, in order to improve the company's market share lay a solid foundation.