New cable rules for EU EN50575 will be released in the first quarter of next year

- Apr 28, 2018-

Domestic cable companies will face the new EU cable rules. Christian Collins, head of CPR certification and business development director, German VDA testing and Certification association, said in Wednesday that following the EU CPR in July 2013, the standard EN50575 and en13501-6 for wire products (cables) were expected to be released in 2014.

Insiders say China's domestic small cable companies are affected by the larger.

Christian Cole says the above standards will be published by Cen/cenelec in the first quarter of next year, and that the transition period begins next summer, when the official EU Journal publishes, and that it can submit applications to certification bodies such as VDE; the transition period in 2015 is over.

Far East Cable senior deputy general manager Wang to the big wisdom news agency, said that China's exports to the European Union building cables before the need for certification, but the standard after the implementation of certification level increased, "domestic export cable enterprises will be affected by certain".

You Wei, director of Zhongtian Technology Wire Research Institute, said to the great Intelligence news agency the EU to China's exports to the region of the cable set the "barrier", which requires domestic enterprises to big, for large enterprises, certification fee is not a very large cost,  "Big business impact is relatively small, mainly small enterprises will be affected by the". However, for domestic exports of construction cables to the European Union, these people said that the specific number is not clear.

And China currently has a license plate of wire and cable enterprises have 7,000, of which private enterprises accounted for 73%. It is reported that the EU on July 1, 2013 to enforce the latest Building products Regulations (305/2011/EU-CPR), CPR regulations than the old CPD construction product directives (89/106/EEC-CPD) stricter, to traders,

Importers and distributors and other products related to the circulation of the links have made a new request, involving health, safety, environmental protection of the construction products will be affixed to the CE mark to enter the EU market. The implementation of the EU CPR on the European Union area of construction cables have a clear demand for the construction of cable, CE Declaration and product performance statement will become mandatory requirements.

"Christian Cole says.

Christian Collins also said that the EN50575 standard for electric power, control box communication cable in the construction of the fire resistance requirements, EN13501-6 standards for building products and building components and equipment fire level made requirements.

But, Christian. Ke Sen also said that because of the above mandatory standards (especially EN50575) has not been completed, so there is no relevant cable products in Europe certification bodies,  "The certification costs depending on different products, some products may require 2000 euros to 5000 euros."

The message was obtained at the second Asian high-end wire and cable summit in Wednesday. According to public information, China's wire and cable output value has now exceeded 1 trillion yuan, in the Chinese machinery industry position is the second largest industry after the car. China's cable products mainly to Southeast Asia, Africa, North America and Western Europe, of which the volume of wire and cable exports to Europe accounted for about 16%.