Promote the digitalization of agricultural machinery Industry in action

- May 09, 2018-

The “industrial brain” of the whole industry chain artificial intelligence project in agriculture has made its debut. This has caused widespread concern in the industry. This new modern agricultural pattern supported by sensors, the Internet of Things, cloud computing, big data, and artificial intelligence will make agricultural production more and more popular. The more automated and intelligent, the agriculture has this "brain", he can monitor the growth of agricultural products in real-time 24 hours, real-time updates of insect pests, humidity, field climate, soil quality and other data. "Agricultural brains" can also analyze these data, formulate scientific and rational planting plans and produce agricultural products with accuracy and accuracy. In addition, consumers can also see information on the growth and planting methods of the agricultural products they order through the client software to ensure food safety from the field to the table.


In other words, in the future, with little labor, we can manage 100,000 mu of farmland without leaving the house. This is not a fantasy. With the agricultural brain, this will become a reality.


In October 2017, China's first agricultural full-chain artificial intelligence project "Agricultural Brain Precision Agriculture Platform" was launched in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China's first tractor as a leader in agricultural machinery has taken the lead. As the representative of the 13th National People's Congress, Zhao Yishui, Chairman of China Yituo Group Co., Ltd., put forward his own opinions on the future development trend of China's smart agriculture.


“From the current situation of application, there are blind construction and repeated investment in the agricultural machinery industry in China, which are mainly manifested in the aspects of similar platform functions, data mismatch, and inconsistent standards, which are not conducive to the realization of data analysis and processing and the expansion of applications.” Promote the application of precision agricultural management platform to better support the development of China's agricultural modernization. Zhao Xiaoshui believes that under the premise of ensuring the safety of data for agricultural operations, it is necessary to establish the backbone of domestic agricultural and agricultural machinery enterprises and to “unify, share, and open up”. The precision agriculture shared management platform meets the different needs of different application entities on the basis of the unification of the underlying data such as data formats, transmission standards, and device coding.


Vigorously developing digital agriculture is an important measure to implement the decision-making and deployment of “Building Digital China” and is a powerful measure to promote the digital transformation of the agricultural industry system, production system, operation system, and management system. It will accelerate the implementation of the strategy of rural rejuvenation and promote agricultural quality. Development is of great significance.


It is reported that by 2020, it is expected that a number of pilot projects for digital agriculture construction in Daejeon will be completed in the country. The agricultural machinery and field monitoring in the project area will be widely used in the Internet of Things and intelligent equipment, and agricultural machinery operations and farm field monitoring will be precise, intelligent, and automated. The efficiency of agricultural machinery dispatching management and the level of convenience have been significantly improved. The labor force has been reduced by more than 30%, the utilization rate of water resources has been increased by more than 30%, the utilization rate of fertilizers has increased by more than 15%, the use of pesticides has been reduced by more than 20%, and the yield or yield of crops has increased. More than 10%, the overall level of agricultural modernization.