Repair method of local defect of cable insulation sheath

- May 11, 2018-

The knife is used to trim the defects, and a plastic block of the same size and shape is cut into a 45-degree angle, placed on the repair area, fixed with a pliers or a screwdriver, and then continuously welded with a hot air speed welding torch, and compacted and pressed with a copper sheet. Tight, flattened. When welding plastic, pay attention to the hot air temperature of the welding torch not too high, so as not to repair the plastic scorch at the repair site. The repaired defect was tested by the spark machine and was not qualified for breakdown.

Use a knife to cut the slope of the plastic layer at a 45-degree angle to a plastic block or strip of the same shape, color, and thickness. After fixing it with a pliers or a screwdriver, use a hot air speed welding gun and then use copper foil to compact it. , Compaction, flattening, and finally spark test, no breakdown is qualified.

The plastic defect is scraped with a knife, and the recessed part is filled with the same plastic strip under the action of a hot wind plastic welding torch, then flattened, pressed and compacted with a copper piece at the defect repairing place, and the spark test is performed without breakdown. Qualified.