A New Generation Of High Speed Fiber Wire Drawing Technology Developed By Beacon Communication

- Apr 07, 2018-

 With the increasingly fierce competition in the optical fiber market, fiber prices in the trough, relatively fixed, to the optical fiber manufacturers caused great pressure, only to go down the road to reduce production costs in this era of meager profit to survive and develop.


  To improve the speed of fiber drawing can greatly improve the unit capacity of equipment, improve production efficiency is one of the effective ways to reduce costs, so the world's major optical fiber manufacturers are constantly studying a new generation of high-speed wire drawing technology, hoping to further improve the speed of drawing, in the increasingly fierce market competition occupies a place. In a sense, the speed of wire drawing has become a measure of optical fiber manufacturers drawing process of one of the symbols, wire drawing process and drawing equipment are based on the speed of drawing to determine the parameters and performance indicators, therefore, in the increase in speed and must be the drawing process and the corresponding equipment for continuous optimization and transformation, Only the formation of a perfect wire drawing technology to ensure stable production, improve production efficiency and product quality.

Beacon Communication Wuhan Optical fiber base through continuous independent research and development, absorbing other advanced technology, the drawing process and equipment for continuous optimization and transformation, successfully developed a set of high-speed and stable wire drawing technology, drawing speed from the original 2400m/min to 2800m/min.

Problems in the process of high speed drawing


  High-speed drawing mainly on the bare fiber cooling, coating and curing system has high requirements.

Cooling of bare fibres The improvement of drawing speed brings great difficulty to the cooling of optical fiber. Optical fiber from the High-temperature furnace out to enter the coating, the faster the wire drawing speed leading to the corresponding cooling time, the cooling system of optical fiber has higher requirements, the original many companies commonly used he gas cooling system can not fully meet the cooling requirements,


  How to solve the problem of optical fiber cooling will be the key factor restricting the speed of fiber drawing.

Coating The faster the fiber is brushed, the shorter the time passed through the applicator, and the time of the 2800m/min high-speed drawing is only a few milliseconds through the applicator. In such a short period of time to complete the effective coating, and to ensure the thickness and quality of the coating, it is necessary to improve the existing process, the need for a rapid coating process.

In addition, in the high-speed wire drawing process, the optical fiber to the surrounding air has a certain adsorption effect, the faster the effect of the more obvious, high-speed wire drawing process in the air into the coating, so that there are bubbles in the coating, resulting in poor coating, serious when the optical fiber pull system failure.

Curing Optical fiber curing is a very important part of the optical fiber process, the speed of wire drawing to improve the fiber through the curing furnace time to shorten, so that the light time shortened, which will affect the curing quality of fiber.


  If the height of the curing furnace is not accord with the economic benefit, it is necessary to develop a new process to improve the curing quality of the optical fiber and the economy is reasonable.

Beacon Solution

Breakthroughs in new technologies are often initiated from the issue of the proposed, the Beacon Wuhan Optical fiber base through the continuous research and development, the high-speed wire drawing process in the above-mentioned problems continue to tackle, the related processes and equipment continuous improvement and optimization, to achieve the 2800m/min high-speed and stable drawing. The first is the cooling system, in order to further improve the cooling efficiency, an improved device is added to the original he gas cooling system, which can improve the cooling efficiency and reduce the optical fiber from 1600 ℃ to about 60 ℃ before entering the coating mould.

After the improvement and optimization of the formation of a perfect raw fiber cooling process. Secondly, in the field of coating, through the continuous improvement of the original coating process and equipment, independent research and development of a set of coating optimization components and the latest coating process, successfully eliminated the high-speed wire drawing process in the air into the coating to create the problem of coating.

Through the reasonable control coating temperature, the feed pressure and so on effectively solves the high speed drawing process to appear the coating problem. In curing, the beacon Wuhan Optical fiber base to the original patent "UV curing furnace fiber coating curing auxiliary device", "a full-automatic high-speed wire-drawing curing system", on the one hand, by adjusting the position between the curing furnace, improving the lighting quality of the curing furnace to improve the quality of curing; On the other hand, continuous development and improvement of equipment,

Through continuous technical research, optimization of curing aids, through the addition of curing furnace components optimization and other reasonable adjustment, can fully meet the 2800m/min high-speed wire drawing process of curing requirements. High speed drawing, high temperature furnace, cooling system, coating system, curing system will be a slight change, through the continuous in-depth theoretical research and practical testing of these changes, the beacon Wuhan Optical fiber base on the related processes and equipment for a series of research and development, improvement and optimization, successful drawing speed from 2400m/ Min to 2800m/min, master a complete set of sophisticated and mature high-speed wire drawing technology, further improve production and reduce production costs, in the increasingly fierce market competition to take advantage of the opportunity. Drawing speed to reach the domestic leading, world-class level.