Application Characteristics Of Plastic Optical Fiber In Fiber-to-the-Home

- May 23, 2018-

Plastic optical fiber (POF) is made of high transparent polymer such as polystyrene (PS), polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA), polycarbonate (PC) as a core material, PMMA, fluorine plastic, etc. as a skin material. Optical fiber (optical fiber). Different materials have different light attenuation properties and temperature application ranges. Plastic optical fiber can not only be used for the last 100 to 1000 meters of the access network, but also can be used for various vehicles, aircrafts, and other vehicles, and is an excellent short-distance data transmission medium.

Compared with quartz optical fiber, POF has the following advantages: low modulus, large core diameter (0.3-1.0mm), simple POF connector can be used at the connection, even if the optical fiber connection center alignment produces a 30μm deviation will not be affected Coupling loss

Large numerical aperture (NA0.5 or so), acceptance angle up to 60°, and quartz fiber only 16°, available inexpensive LED, high coupling efficiency, good flexibility, easy processing and use, low loss in the visible region Window; light weight; low cost and processing costs.

Compared with other transmission mediums in LAN systems, POF networks also have obvious advantages: POF is insensitive to electromagnetic interference and does not radiate. The attenuation at different data rates is constant, the bit error rate is predictable, and it can be in an electrical noise environment. Used in; its long size, can reduce the requirements of the tolerance control in the joint design, so the lower cost of network formation.

As an ideal transmission medium for short-distance communication networks, plastic optical fiber plays an important role in future home intelligence, office automation, industrial control network, vehicle-borne airborne communication networks, and military communication network data transmission.

Through plastic optical fiber, we can realize the networking of smart home appliances (home PCs, HDTVs, telephones, digital imaging devices, home security devices, air conditioners, refrigerators, audio systems, kitchen appliances, etc.), home automation and remote control management, and improve life. quality;

Through plastic optical fiber, we can achieve the networking of office equipment, such as computer networking can achieve parallel processing of computers, high-speed transmission of data between office equipment can greatly improve work efficiency, and achieve remote office.

When the data rate of the low-speed LAN is less than 100 Mbps, the transmission within the range of 100 meters can be realized with the SI type plastic optical fiber; the transmission within the range of 150 Mbps 50 meters can be realized with the low numerical aperture POF.

At present, POF is also widely used in the manufacturing industry. Through the converter, the POF can interface with standard protocols such as RS232, RS422, 100Mbps Ethernet, Token Ring, etc., thereby providing a stable and reliable communication line in a harsh industrial manufacturing environment. Industrial control signals and commands can be transmitted at high speed, avoiding the risk of interruption of communication due to electromagnetic interference due to the use of metal cable lines.

The POF is lightweight and durable, and can be used to form a network of communication systems and control systems for vehicle-mounted devices. Microcomputers, satellite navigation devices, mobile phones, and faxes are incorporated into the overall design of the locomotive. Passengers can also use the plastic optical fiber network to seat on the seats. Enjoy music, movies, video games, shopping, Internet and other services.

In military communications, POF is being developed for high-speed transmission of a large number of third, confidential information, such as the use of POF lightweight, flexible, fast connection, suitable for wearable characteristics, for soldiers wearable lightweight Computer system, and can insert communication network to download, store, send, receive mission-critical information, and display in the helmet display.


    With the continuous development of POF manufacturing technology and raw material preparation technology, the production cost of POF will continue to decrease; from the current development of lasers, optoelectronic integrated devices and connectors, the domestic and international related technologies will progress rapidly. With the continuous expansion of the production scale, it is believed that the cost of sending and receiving devices will be greatly reduced, making POF more advantageous in access communications.