Flame Retardant Cable Use Matters Needing Attention

- May 10, 2018-

(1) In the same channel, it is not appropriate to arrange the non-flame-proof cable and the flame-retardant cable in parallel.

(2) The following places or circuits to be energized shall be maintained for a certain period of time in the event of an external fire. The cable shall be fire-resistant or shall be made of fire-resistant cable. Such as fire protection, alarm, emergency lighting, interrupter operation of DC power supply and emergency shutdown of the generator set, such as the maintenance of important circuits; computer monitoring, dual relay protection, security power supply and other dual circuits when the same channel is not isolated when one of the loop.

(3) When the number of cables is small, fire-retardant coatings, tapes may be added to the cables or the cables may be put in the refractory pipes. When there are many cables in the same channel, it should be laid in the fireproof trough box, and the power cable should adopt the air-breathing type, semi-closed type can be used in the environment without flammable dust, and the cable protection section laid on the bridge is not long. Fire blocking package can be used.