Four Reasons For The Failure Of Optical Fiber And Cable Lines

- Apr 21, 2018-

The integrated wiring project is a complicated project, so it is impossible to guarantee its 0 fault 0 failure in the construction. However, it is relatively easy to minimize the breakdown and error of the integrated wiring project.

Today, we analyze the four reasons for the failure of communication optical fiber and cable.

First: The impact of Lightning

Cable armored components are metal conductors, if the power line generated short circuit or lightning hit metal pieces, will produce a strong current damage optical cable line equipment, serious even if the casualties of personnel.

Second: poor insulation of optical cable lines


       If the communication cable line does not do insulation work, then the junction box after the water or under damp situation will be due to stress corrosion and static fatigue, and other reasons to greatly reduce the operating intensity of optical cable, serious time will appear optical cable rupture.

Third: The impact of external forces In many cases, line failures are caused by external forces.

As many communication optical cable lines are laid in the field, the general laying standards are deep below the strata, so it is not effective to avoid many external factors to the optical cable line damage.

Part four: The fault at the line joint In line joints where the most prone to failure, this is because the optical fiber connector at the original cable structure has no protection or the protection has been significantly weakened, so the day-to-day operation of the protection work can only rely on the joint box, which leads to the probability of the occurrence of the failure greatly increased.