On The Rapid Development Of Flexible Fireproof Cable In China

- Mar 22, 2018-

Flexible fire-proof cable, also known as "inorganic mineral insulated cable", because of its soft and flexible than mineral insulated cables, easy to install the characteristics of the installation, is currently developing rapidly in the country.

Product model

BTTW copper core rolling copper sheath flexible inorganic mineral insulated fireproof cable, rated voltage 750V.

YTTW copper core rolling copper sheath flexible inorganic mineral insulated fireproof cable, rated voltage 750V.

YTTWG copper Core Smooth copper sheathed flexible inorganic mineral insulated fireproof cable, rated voltage 500V.

YTTWV copper core Rolling copper sheathed PVC outer sheath Flexible inorganic mineral insulated fireproof cable, rated voltage 750V.

Dw-yttwy copper core rolling copper sheath low smoke halogen free polyolefin outer sheath flexible inorganic mineral insulated fireproof cable, rated voltage 750V.

Second, the advantages of products 1. Excellent fire performance: fire-resistant grade not only meet GB GB12666.6 a class 950 ℃, 90min, but also to meet the British bs6387-1994 stipulated in a-class 650℃3h, B-Class 750℃3h;, C-Class 950℃3h test requirements;

In the combustion can withstand water jet and mechanical impact;

2. Long continuous Length: whether it is a single core, or multi-core cable, its length can meet the power supply length needs, each continuous length of up to 1000m;

3. The section is big: the single core cable section can reach 1000mm, the multi-core cable section can reach 240mm;

4. Good flexibility: The cable can be disk on the cable disk, its bending radius ≤20d, (d for the cable outside diameter); 5. Smoke-free when burning: insulation using inorganic materials (not burning body), burning will not produce any harmful gases, and will not occur two times pollution, is said to be environmentally friendly green products; 6. Overload capacity: The cable is not only a large load flow, but also has a larger overload capacity.

According to wiring to show, usually cable surface temperature ≤70℃, if wiring can not touch, also not with flammable building materials contact, cable sheath temperature can be raised to 105 ℃, overload when flexible fire cable long-term working temperature up to 250 ℃;

7. Corrosion Resistance: Organic insulation refractory cable sometimes need to wear plastic pipe or iron pipe, plastic pipe easy aging brittle, Tietai rust, fire-proof cable has copper sheath do not have to wear pipe, copper sheath corrosion resistance is good;

8. Good shielding performance: fire-proof cable and information, control and other lines in the same shaft laying, under the shielding of copper sheath, will not signal, control the transmission of wire and cable information generated interference;

9. Safe and reliable: fire-proof cable can be in the flame of normal power supply, starting fire extinguishing equipment, reduce fire loss, personal safety is also particularly reliable, its copper sheath is a good conductor, is the best grounding PE line, and continuous to the length of the cable, greatly improve the grounding protection sensitivity and reliability;

10. Long service life: inorganic insulating material high temperature, and not easy to aging, his life than organic insulated cable high many times, in normal working condition, its life can reach more than hundred years;

11. Simple installation: Flexible fire-proof cable transport and installation, including installation of accessories similar to ordinary cable, simpler; 12. Low installation cost: Flexible fire-proof cable due to advanced production technology, simple installation, under the same conditions of its comprehensive cost than the cost of mineral insulated cable significantly reduced.