Shearer Cable Structure Design Should Pay Attention To What Elements

- May 07, 2018-

With the continuous improvement of coal mining technology, modern coal mining projects require the ground control center to be able to keep abreast of the operating conditions of the coal miner, that is, the shearer cables are required to protect the coal mining equipment under the harsh natural working conditions. During the process, the conditions of coal mining equipment can be timely and effectively fed back to the ground control center so that the ground control center can make quick judgments and decisions. Therefore, it is required in the coal industry standard MT818 that the shearer cable is provided with a control core to ensure signal detection and transmission, realizing on-line real-time monitoring.

At present, the disadvantages of the coal mining unit cables in the domestic market are mainly reflected in the poor transmission of cable operation signals or the inability of signals to transmit, which affects the monitoring situation of the shearers at the ground control center. The main reasons for this are as follows: point:

1. The working environment of the shearer cable is rather harsh, the coal gangue or large coal block in the working area falls and the cable is washed, causing the cable jacket to be smashed or even to cut off the internal core;

2. Accumulation of a certain amount of coal gangue or coal blocks in the cable trough causes the cable to be scratched during the movement, causing the cable sheath to be scratched or even to break the internal core.

3. Shearer cables are frequently stretched and bent during field use, and are also susceptible to core breakage.

In the above three points, the shearer cable is subjected to various external forces during the coal mining process, which results in the cable being easily damaged and broken. This greatly shortens the service life of the shearer cable and cannot ensure its reliability. The safety and reliability in the process of use; can not be timely transmission of detection models and control signals on the smart coal body, online real-time detection and monitoring can not be achieved.

In order to improve the reliability of the shearer cable, it is necessary to solve the problem that the shearer cable is susceptible to core breakage in the course of operation. Under the premise of the standard MT818-2009 requirements, according to my many years of experience in the shearer cable technology. The following improvement measures are proposed to effectively improve the reliability of the cable.

1. Shearer cable power core and control cable core conductor monofilament must ensure uniform elongation, tensile strength and resistance, and the tension must be uniform during the process of conductor twisting. The purpose is to ensure that during the operation of the cable, the monofilament or strand will not be subjected to uneven force due to uneven elongation of the conductor or unequal twist and tension, and then the phenomenon of breaking will occur. For the monofilament, the production equipment is preferably adopted. The production of multi-head wire drawing machines by Nie Hoof Co., Ltd. can ensure that the electrical properties of each monofilament are basically the same, and the mechanical properties are also consistent.

2. Uncured rubber fillers are required when the power cable core and the control cable core of the shearer cable are cabled to ensure that the rubber tape is fully filled in the middle of the cable core when the jacket is extruded and the cable is frequently bent during work. , Stretch to minimize mutual sliding damage. In order to protect the control core, jackets need to be extruded outside the control core. When the power core and the control core are cabled, they can be designed as a quad core cable structure to ensure the stability of the overall cable performance;

3. The working environment of the shearer cable is bad. To avoid the cable being cut or cut, the sheath needs to have good tear resistance and compression resistance. Therefore, the inner and outer sheaths can be used, and the high strength is used during the work. The dipped fiber ropes are weaved and strengthened. During the construction and laying process, we can proceed from the following two aspects: To prevent coal gangue or large coal falling and flushing the cable, we can take advanced protective measures, namely: advance support for the coal face and coal roof at the coal mining face, and Take the follow-up and mutual arc top management; the cable can be given 1% of the length in the installation process, to prevent the cable from being stretched too tight, so as to effectively improve the reliability of the cable.

Shearer cables must be in accordance with national coal industry standards. Based on this, a reasonable cable structure should be designed to ensure the stable performance of the cable structure, avoid the occurrence of broken cores and other faults during the use of the cable, and ensure the normal operation of the cable in a reasonable and efficient manner. Effective service life. Through the constant optimization of product structure, while improving the economic efficiency of enterprises while establishing the reputation of the brand cable, so as to achieve high-quality cable manufacturers.