Type And Variety Of Power Cable

- Mar 01, 2018-

The types and varieties of power cables are mainly as follows:

35kV and below power cable model and product presentation method

1. The first letter of Hanyu Pinyin is used to indicate the insulation type, conductor material, inner layer material and structural characteristics. If using Z to represent paper (zhi)

L stands for Aluminum (LV), Q for Lead (Qian), F for phase (FEN), ZR for flame retardant (Zuran), NH for refractory (Naihuo


2. A digital representation of the outer layer consists of two digits. No number represents no armored layer, no outer layer. First digit means armored, second

A digital representation outside is, as in the case of coarse steel wire armored fibres, expressed as 41.

3. The cable model according to the arrangement of cable structure is generally in order: insulating material; conductor material; inner protective layer;

4. Cable product type, rated voltage and specification. The method is to add a description of the rated voltage, core number and nominal sectional area after the model.

Arabic。 such as vv42-10 3x50, copper core, PVC insulation, crude steel line armored, PVC sheathed, rated voltage 10kV,

3-core, nominal sectional area 50mm2 power cable.

Code and meaning of various parts of power cable model

1. Insulation Type: V for polyethylene, X for rubber, y for PE, YJ for cross-linked polyethylene, Z for paper.

2. Conductor Material: l represents aluminum; T (omitted) represents copper.

3. Internal protection layer: V for PVC sheath, y polyethylene sheath, l aluminum sheath, Q lead sheath, H rubber sheath, f neoprene sheath.

4. Characteristics: D No drop flow, F phase, CY Oil, p lean dry insulation; p shielding; z-DC.

5. Control layer: 0 no; 2 double steel strip; 3 fine steel wire; 4 coarse steel wire.

6. Outer layer: 0 no; 1 fiber, 2 PVC sheath; 3 polyethylene sheath.

7. Flame retardant cable in the code before adding ZR; refractory cable plus NH before code.

Oil-filled cable type and product presentation method

Oil-filled cable model by the product line code and cable structure of the code components. Self-capacity oil-filled cable product series code CY. Outer sheath Structure

From the inside to external use to strengthen the layer, armored layer, the outer layer of the code combination of the expression. Types of insulation, conductor materials, internal protective layer code and the arrangement of each code

The order and the product are represented in the same way as the 35kV and below power cables. such as CYZQ102 220/1x4 means copper core, paper insulation, lead sheath,

Copper Belt radial reinforced, no armored, PVC sheathed, rated voltage of 220kV, single core, nominal cross-sectional area 400mm2 of self-capacitance oil-filled cable.

Oil-filled cable outer layer code meaning

1. Strengthening layer: 1 for copper belt radial strengthening, 2 for stainless steel belt radial strengthening, 3 steel belt radial strengthening, 4 stainless steel belt radial, narrow stainless steel belt

Vertical strengthening.

2. Armored Layer: 0 without armored, 2 steel tape armored and 4 coarse steel wire armored.

3. Outer layer: 1 fiber layer, 2 PVC sheath, 3 polyethylene sheath.