What Are The Common Causes Of High Voltage Cable Accidents

- Mar 30, 2018-

 Once a fire in the cable, the fire ferocious, spread quickly, in the burning will occur a large number of harmful gases, resulting in difficult to save. After the cable burned, the repair time is long and the loss is serious, so we must attach great importance to preventing the cable fire accident. So what causes high-voltage cable accidents?

Here is a brief analysis.

1, the site conditions are relatively poor, cables and joints in the factory manufacturing environment and process requirements are very high, and the construction site temperature, humidity, dust is not good control. 2, installation is not strictly in accordance with the process of construction or technical provisions do not take into account the possible problems.

The completion of the acceptance of the use of DC withstand voltage test caused by the formation of a reverse electric field caused by insulation damage. 3, due to improper sealing treatment caused.

The middle joint must adopt the metal copper shell plus PE or PVC insulation anti-corrosion layer sealing structure, in the field construction to ensure the tightness of the seal, so as to effectively guarantee the sealing waterproof performance of the joint.

4, cable construction in the insulation surface will inevitably leave a small slip marks, semi conductive particles and emery cloth on the sand may also be embedded in the insulation, the other joint construction process due to insulation exposure in the air, insulation will also be inhaled moisture, these are long-term safe operation left hidden dangers. 5, cable material itself and cable manufacturing, laying, terminal production, such as the inevitable defects in the process, by the operation of the electric, chemical, environmental factors, cable insulation will occur in varying degrees of aging, and this aging will eventually lead to the occurrence of cable failure.