What Are The Disadvantages And Deficiencies Of The Cottage Version Of Aluminum Alloy Cable?

- May 17, 2018-

In China's wire and cable industry, with the rapid development of aluminum alloy cable and more and more attention by the industry, aluminum alloy cable has become a golden cake in the eyes of the cottage manufacturers. Judging from numerous tendering experiences, the probability of tendering aluminum alloy cable in the cottage is higher than that of the normal and qualified aluminum alloy cable. The main reason for this is still the “price first” principle.

The cottage version of aluminum alloy cable has the following inherent drawbacks and deficiencies:

First, the security of the cottage version aluminum alloy cable is difficult to guarantee. In order to achieve the goal of low-price competition, the brand-name cottage cable will generally cut corners on the material of the cable, and electrical properties such as electrical conductivity will also be difficult to achieve a higher level. The conductor is prone to creep under heat and pressure. Since no authoritative inspection has been conducted, the security of the Shanzhai products cannot be guaranteed. The cable is prone to high temperatures and fires under long-term high-load conditions, causing severe property damage to users.

Second, cottage manufacturers cannot solve the aging problem of cottage products. As a large "artery" for power transmission, aluminum alloy cables may be used in a variety of environments, including cable wells and underground pipelines, etc. Different types of corrosion are accelerating the aging of cables, which seriously affects the service life of aluminum alloy cables. For regular, qualified aluminum alloy cable products, no matter what kind of environmental construction, the use of time is generally more ideal, compared to copper cables, it can even extend the life of more than a decade, and for the aluminum cottage For the alloy cable, because the overall quality is difficult to meet the required standards, the project project is hidden.

Third, the mechanical properties of the cottage aluminum alloy cable are poor. One of the advantages of genuine aluminum alloy cable is that the rebound is small, the flexibility is high, the bending is convenient, the laying radius is much smaller than the requirements of the copper cable, and the laying and the connection of the terminals are easier. This is also the reason why the aluminum alloy wire reduces the installation cost. For the aluminum alloy cables that meet the standards, the general construction saves more than 20% of the installation and construction costs, and large-span buildings can save more than 40%. However, it is difficult for Shanzhai products to achieve such a high price/performance ratio.