Voice Plenum Cable

Voice Plenum Cable

Voice Plenum Cables we carry are rated as Type CMP. Voice Plenum Cables are rated to 300 volts and include tinned copper conductors, as well as insulation made of FEP and jacketing material constructed of FEP or Flamarrest.

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Voice Plenum Cable contains four pairs of copper wire, of which two pairs are used for communication at 100Mbps, however the newer Cat5e cable standard utilizes all four twisted pairs and offers Gigabit Ethernet speeds of up to 1000Mbps.

EO supplies four different types of Voice Plenum Cable. It is used for voice, data, 10 - 1000 Base-T, 4/16 Mbps Token Ring, 52/155 MBPS ATM, and T1 applications.

If your application requires extending a computer connection between buildings either suspended aerially or buried, we can supply this. They are designed to be used outdoors and are used for voice, data (up to 100 BASE-T), analog and digital video applications.

For short connections between computer networking and telecoms equipment, we can also supply this. It can be used for voice, data, 10 BASE-T (IEEE 802.3), 4/16 Mbps Token Ring (IEE 802.5), 52/155 MBPS ATM, 100 VG AnyLan, 100 Mbps TP-PMD (ANSI X3T9.5), 100 BASE-T (IEEE 802.3), and T1 applications.

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Production flow of Voice Plenum Cable





1.What is your delivery date?

A:The delivery date is about 5-7 days after receipt of payment.

2.What are your payment terms?

A:30% deposit in advance and 70% balance before shipment.

3.Can you send free samples?

A:Yes, free samples are available; you just need to pay the shipping cost.图标7.jpg

Our usual packaging ways for Voice Plenum Cable are as followings, OR it can be as customer's request.


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