Low Voltage Power Cable

Low Voltage Power Cable

Low voltage power cables with a range up to 1 kV are used for energy distribution from the last transformer station to the customer.

Product Details


We produce products in both PVC and XLPE insulations of copper and aluminium, with armoured and un-armoured designs, and in single or multi-core constructions.

The performance and load specifications of PVC and XLPE insulated cables determine the specific use. PVC insulated Low voltage power cables may be used for electrical power, lighting and wiring for residential and administrative office buildings. XLPE insulated this are ideally suited to industrial applications, with an operating temperature of 90°C. Our Low voltage power cables are manufactured to IEC 60502-1 specifications.

●These ≤1KV cables are PVC for tramways, and halogen-free, low smoke and fire-retardant for subways.

●Generally used for traction, station equipment (lighting, escalator, automatic doors) and tunnels (ventilation).

●Cables for emergency equipment are also fire-resistant for circuit integrity.

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Production flow of Low voltage power cable





1.What is your delivery date?

A:The delivery date is about 5-7 days after receipt of payment.

2.What are your payment terms?

A:30% deposit in advance and 70% balance before shipment.

3.Can you send free samples?

A:Yes, free samples are available; you just need to pay the shipping cost.


Our usual packaging ways for Low voltage power cable are as followings, OR it can be as customer's request.


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