1.5mm 4mm2 6mm 10mm Flexible Electric Cable BVR

1.5mm 4mm2 6mm 10mm Flexible Electric Cable BVR

1.5mm 4mm2 6mm 10mm flexible electric cable BVR.Applicable to the cables and wires of rated yolatage 450/750V and less than 450/750V AC for power plant,household electrical applance,insurment and telecommunication equipment.

Product Details

Quick Details:

Place of Origin: China(Mainland)

Color:  Accept customize

Conductor Material: Copper

Work Temperature: - 20°C ~ +70°C

Rated Voltage: 300/500V/450/750V

Insulation: PVC

Application: Overhead

Type: BVR Copper

Model Number: BVR

MOQ: 2000M


Product standard:
The production standard for anti-flaming and fire-resistant cables is GB/T19666-2005,GB/T5023-2008,JB/T8734-2012

Main of cables features:
1. Uo/U is 450/750V,300/500,
2. Long-term allowable temperature of the cable:The allowable temperature of 105 Cable should not exceed 105℃;the
allowable temperature of other models should not exceed 70℃.

Application: Applicable to the cables and wires of rated yolatage 450/750V and less than 450/750V AC for power plant,household electrical applance,insurment
and telecommunication equipment.




Our Factory:

Packaging & Delivery:

Packaging Details:

Steel drum (fumigation)/Wood drum (fumigation)/ Wood spool (fumigation)/ Plastic spool/ Coil/ Rool, according to the model, cable length and container size.

Delivery Time :10-30 working days

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