13 times in important conferences are also relevant to the food machinery industry

- May 12, 2018-

The work report was highlighted 13 times related to the food machinery industry


According to the author's understanding, the report fully affirmed the achievements of entrepreneurship in recent years, and considered that China's scientific and technological innovation has shifted from being a follow-up to more fields, running and leading, and it has become a global hot spot for innovation and entrepreneurship. Looking at the food machinery manufacturing industry, there are also many areas that have become the hot spots for entrepreneurs to enter.


Baking areas: Roasted sweet potatoes, buns


Previously, in the streets and streets, we often saw floating vendors, pushing an iron drum or several iron drums, plus a few pieces of charcoal were all utensils for baking sweet potatoes or scones. If the drum is of unknown origin, the burning of charcoal does not rule out the possibility of poisonous and harmful gases affecting the quality and safety of sweet potatoes and broilers, or it may cause long-term non-cleaning. Heavy metal on the iron drum may be attached to sweet potatoes or scones, etc. This kind of situation can happen.


However, as consumers' demands for food safety and quality continue to increase, professional, safe and hygienic baked sweet potatoes and scones are favored by the market. The author was informed that some roasting equipment has been used in the market for the roasting of sweet potatoes and broilers, such as roasted sweet potato machines and scones, which not only improves the baking efficiency of products, but also guarantees the safety and hygiene of baked products. .


It is worth noting that entrepreneurs must ensure the safety and hygiene of the products when baking equipments are selected. In addition, due to the variety of products on the market, there are safety issues that must be taken into account when selecting gas and coal-fired power plants. Must be used under the guidance of professionals or skilled operation to avoid improper operation or mistakes and cause unnecessary losses.


Pasta areas: steamed stuffed buns, steamed buns, noodles


As a true northerner, no matter where you go, you can't live without pasta every day for three meals a day. However, the most common types of pasta are steamed buns, steamed buns, and noodles. These shops can be found everywhere in the south or in the north. Perhaps influenced by "mass entrepreneurship and innovation," more and more entrepreneurs choose to start businesses in the area of pasta.


According to reports, “Baozige” has “nugging away gold” from traditional snacks. Currently, it has dozens of franchise stores and leads more people around to become rich. Another example is that female students born in 1995 gave up the opportunity for high-paying jobs in the province and chose to return. Home business, operating from the noodle processing workshop, its business is extremely hot and so on, which can fully explain the area of pasta has become the entrepreneur's "Taro."


We know that it is not easy for entrepreneurs to enter the business of pasta. It is all about “manual labor” that is paid as soon as it is greedy and black, and it is “hard-working”. However, with the continuous development and application of pasta machines, entrepreneurs have saved a lot of manpower and material resources, allowing entrepreneurs to easily get rich.