The pet industry has become a rich favorite in feed and feed machinery equipment

- May 11, 2018-

The pet industry has become a "rich favorite" for getting rich


In some parts of China, the per capita GDP has reached a certain standard, and pet food has started to enter middle- and high-income families. With the rapid development of China's economy and the renewal of modern consumer attitudes, pet food is entering the family with pets as quickly as possible.


According to reports, China has a huge pet market, and the growth in domestic demand is not only good news for global pet food giants, but also for a series of shop entrepreneurs such as the rapidly growing Chinese pet food and pet products companies. good news.


The author was informed that the pet industry in Nanhe County, Hebei Province now has 38 pet food companies with more than 300 registered brands, an annual output of more than 500,000 tons, an output value of 5 billion yuan, and production and sales accounting for more than 58% of the national market share. Has become the country's largest pet food production base.


High-quality pet food into the industry development


In recent years, the number of people raising pets in China has continued to expand, and the "treatment" of pets has continued to increase. It no longer meets the needs of basic foods, but has advanced to higher consumption levels. Pet food as the pet industry's fastest growing link in the economy, naturally follow the trend of development, in the future, the overall proportion of pet food will gradually decline, the proportion of snacks, health products and functional foods will continue to rise.


For cost-conscious consumers, they especially regard medium-priced products as high-quality products that ensure their pets have sufficient nutrition. The innovative products with natural health and high nutritional value are favored by a certain consumer group, which also opens up a broader market space for the development of the industry.


Guan Zihong, the investment director of Hong Kong Harvest International Asset Management, said that the Chinese pet market will be his personal choice in 2018 because consumers want to turn to better products. In addition, New Hopes to acquire Australian Pet Foods Co., Ltd., which is the largest domestic M&A activity in the pet industry in recent years. Through the acquisition, it can help them to enter the production of dry food, wet food and other high-quality pet foods to meet the needs of high-quality pet food market.


Feed Machinery Application Guarantee Quality


In order to help enterprises transform and upgrade and eliminate outdated production capacity, Songjiang Inspection and Quarantine Bureau guarantees that the products are homogenous with the same standards from raw material acceptance, production processing, packaging, storage and transportation, and promotes the enterprises towards the high end of the pet food industry chain.


We know that if we want to ensure the quality and standardization of pet food processing, we need the support of craftsmanship and technology. If factory-scale, large-scale production is inseparable from food processing machinery and equipment. The author was informed that Tongwei Group's good owner pet food company has abandoned the domestic oil roller smearing and lagging process and has brought together advanced pet food production equipment and technology from many countries around the world. The introduction of the Dutch Green dryer, drying precision is extremely high. Through the application of advanced high-tech equipment, nutrients can be completely infiltrated into the granules, which not only effectively preserves the nutrients of the product, but also improves the pet's palatability.


In addition to drying, the puffing step is indispensable in the processing of pet foods. The use of the twin-screw extruder expands not only through different shapes and sizes of dies but also makes the products more diversified, even under high temperature and high pressure, especially stickiness. Large materials will not be excessively adhered, and they will ensure the quality of puffing and meet the consumer market's demand for pet food quality.