Noodle machine application highlights

- May 11, 2018-

Instant instant noodles in corn


The dilemma facing corn


As we all know, the trend of corn prices in 2017 can be described as thrilling. It was subsequently affected by the policy of “grain change and feeding” and the reduction in corn planting area in China from 2016 to 2017 was close to 70 million mu, which changed the industrial chain of the entire corn market. Corn prices also changed. Changes have taken place.


According to the author's understanding, in the case of continuous reduction of corn planting area for two consecutive years, China's corn planting area is still maintained at more than 30 million hectares, but how to solve the relatively low corn prices, and even the poor sales situation has become a lot of growers Things of concern.


Many places valued the prospects of primary processing and deep processing of corn, and processed it into corn noodles, corn starch, corn oil, alcohol, and other snack foods by introducing relevant machinery and equipment, which not only improved the comprehensive utilization of corn, but also greatly increased the The added value of corn increases farmers' income. Here we take corn noodles as an example. With the help of machinery and equipment, corn becomes noodles and is favored by the market.


Another way to turn corn into instant noodles


Faced with the predicament of corn sales, the electric heat self-cooking corn pasta machine invented by a farmer in Huozhou can make soaked corn become a refreshing noodle in just a few seconds. It is understood that the noodle maker consists of a base, a pulley, a feed inlet, a screw shaft wrapped in the fuselage, and a discharge outlet below. By utilizing the principle of frictional heat generation, soaked corn kernels are pressed into mature noodles. The machine can not only make corn noodles, but also can make cornmeal noodles.


Consumption upgrade corn pasta machine application advantages


With the improvement of people’s living standards, people’s dietary concepts have changed to “less refined and more crude, less meat and more meat”, and the requirements for food have changed from good to natural, nutritious, and health-care. Eating coarse grains and eating coarse grains have become a new trend in the pursuit of health care. Among them, corn noodles using coarse grains as a raw material began to be favored by the market. The appearance of corn pasta machine makes the processing of corn noodles simple, convenient and hygienic.


According to industry insiders, in general, corn pasta machine is a new single (double) screw food extruder developed on the basis of extrusion machinery. It has the characteristics of novel design, reasonable structure, beautiful appearance, simple operation, convenient cleaning and maintenance. However, due to the characteristics of corn flour, the adhesion will occur under high temperature and high humidity, which will affect the quality of the product. Therefore, many companies carry out technological innovations.


The author was informed that Xinhong mechanical machine has made technological innovations to the original noodle machine. In addition to the heat generated by its own grinding, the Xinhong mechanical machine has also added an automatic constant-temperature heating system at the periphery of the screw to ensure that the machine's raw noodles are input and the cooked noodles are output. . What's more, an automatic air-drying system is added to the lower part of the machine, so that the produced noodles will not stick together due to high temperature and high humidity, which not only ensures the quality of corn noodles, but also retains the original natural flavor to the maximum extent.