Deep-processing equipment for lemon deep processing

- May 07, 2018-

Slicing dried lemons: vacuum freeze-dried equipment to retain nutrients and shapes


The first step is to extend the lemon's shelf life to think of ways to come out, not to mention the fresh lemon is not suitable for direct consumption, more people choose to brewed after eating. Therefore, the lemon cut dry film has been greatly welcomed by the people. However, the ordinary drying equipment removes the moisture in the lemon by heating, which not only causes some damage to the nutritive substances in the lemon, but also treats the bitter after the drying of the lemon.


People pondered that the vacuum freeze-drying equipment used in aerospace work would be used for lemon drying. The vacuum freeze-drying equipment requires that the lemon raw material is first frozen, followed by a vacuum environment, so that the solid ice inside thereof is directly sublimated to become water vapor to obtain a dried lemon slice. This processing method has already been proven in many other types of fruit, not only does not damage the nutrients contained therein, but also does not harm fruit shape, fruit aroma, fruit color, etc. It is an ideal lemon drying equipment.


Lemon Drinks: Speed, Instant, and Equipment Diversification


Lemon drinks can be described as the most common deep-processed foods of lemons. Whether they are fast-packed, lemon tea, or lemon beverages that are ready to drink, they are often seen in people's daily lives. The food machinery and equipment needed are also different. Ready-to-eat lemon beverages differ from ordinary fruit beverages in that they need to be cleaned, juiced, filled, and sterilized.


In the fast-punch area, the packaging of lemon tea can be varied. There is a canned product that needs to be taken by itself. This type of lemon tea is usually used together with honey. The lemon must be cut and processed first with a cutting device, and then the lemon is prepared by infusion. In this process, temperature, humidity, etc. are required. Strictly control to prevent lemon and honey from causing mold due to improper storage. Then use the filling equipment to fill and seal the finished product.


There are also suitable for brewing packaging, when it comes to tea brewing packaging, we usually think of teabags, but the teabag brewing time requirements are relatively strict, once the teabags are not removed timely, it will cause the difference is too strong. phenomenon. A Belgian merchant has developed a tea stick package. The lower part of the tea bar is designed as a perforated style. The tea bar can be soaked directly without tearing, and even if the tea bar stays in the cup, the tea will not become too bitter.


Limonin: The waste can also be extracted from the treasure


In the course of lemon deep-processing foods, companies have already achieved recycling processing. After the lemon enters the production line, it is first peeled, the peel is used to produce lemon honey tea, the pulp is juiced to produce a lemon drink, and the subsequent pulp slag is further made into a lemon sauce. The last remaining lemon seed can also be made Further extraction processes extract limonin. This limonin has a certain effect in anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, sleep improvement, etc., and can be used as a functional additive for health products.


In fact, Limonin can not only be extracted from lemon seeds, lemon peel is an excellent raw material, can be extracted by supercritical extraction, ultrasonic, organic solvent soaking. In the extraction and development of limonin, many scholars have published corresponding papers for research and demonstration. The contrastive study of the Key Laboratory of Fruit Waste Utilization in Neijiang Normal University and Sichuan Higher Education Institution found that the use of ultrasound-assisted aqueous two-phase extraction not only facilitates the separation of bittersine, but also has a high content of production and is an ideal form of bitterness. Prime extraction method.