Lack of tea pickers also needs equipment to help

- May 08, 2018-

Many tea tasting equipments are used instead of artificial labor


In terms of machinery and equipment, currently there are mainly two types of tea-picking equipment on the market, the supporting leaf tea-picking machine and the riding tea-picking machine. The tea-leaf picker machine has a single-double score. An average of one device can reach 10 to 20 people. China has seen the convenience of these tea-picking equipments and promoted the use of tea-picking equipment.


There are ten thousand mu of tea gardens in Shaoxing’s Imperial Tea Village. It takes only about 500 people to complete the picking at the time of Mingcha’s tea picking. After two to three years of renovation and development, more than 90% of the tea gardens can use tea pickers to pick tea. . The company also plans to further expand the machine mining tea plantation and achieve efficient production. The Mingqian tea at the Lanxi Lake Green Farm was produced using a double-leafed tea-picking machine. Both of them carried the tea-picking machine to the left and right, while the tea leaves were moved into the teabag behind them.


Tea-picking workers are seasonal workers, and their labor intensity is very large. Therefore, the participation of young and old laborers is rare. This also means that the labor force of the type of tea-picking workers is increasingly lacking in the future. Nowadays, mechanical substitution of tea-planters is a forward-looking measure. . In addition, the labor efficiency of machinery and equipment is high. In the two tea gardens in Shaoxing, it is just one person who can achieve machine mining now, and the other person who can raise the daily salary to 250 won't be able to convene a manpower. The advantage of machine extraction is obvious.


Not a large area of popularity is due to multiple equipment needs to be optimized is the main reason


But why is there still a large area of companies looking for tea pickers and reluctant to use tea pickers? It is understood that the following three reasons have led to this phenomenon.


First, the applicability of the tea picking machine is narrow. At present, the two models circulated on the market are not suitable for picking on mountain slopes. The riding tea-picking machine is subject to strict terrain restrictions. The tea-leafing machine needs to be hand-held and moved. Once it encounters a slope, it can easily pose a threat to the personal safety of operators. However, in China's tea growing regions, there are many mountainous slopes.


The second is that there are many restrictions on the mechanical extraction of tea, and the use of the tea-picking machine is fixed at a specific angle of a particular tree species. Therefore, if the machine is used, it is necessary to adjust the layout of tea gardens and tea varieties. However, there are many types of tea trees in China and there are not many tea gardens with unreasonable layout plans. Many eye-catching tea plantations are incapable of deployment.


Third, the picking machine is not high enough in picking quality. The most sought-after spring tea requires a high degree of tenderness. When a bud or leaf is picked, it can be picked, but the tea-picking machine can only pick one bud with two leaves and one bud with three leaves. In addition, people in China pay attention to the completeness of tea when they drink tea. The average cutting of machine extraction makes it difficult to ensure the integrity.


Solve mechanical problems with direction to carry intelligence or way out


In the face of this problem, it is inevitable for related equipment manufacturers to further research and develop tea-picking equipment. From the current point of view, there are two directions for research and development to help solve problems.


The first is the development of equipment to trim the tea garden. Because the applicability of current tea-picking equipment is too narrow, the tea tree in the tea garden needs to be trimmed. At present, the R&D achievements of the Jiangsu Agricultural Machinery Sanxin Project include tea plantation double-sided side trimming machines, high-gap tea garden multi-purpose management machines and other equipment, which can be used in conjunction with tea-picking machines to show good results.


The second is the development of intelligent tea picking equipment. Through intelligentization, the device can make its own judgment on the completeness of tea buds, picking and realizing manual replacement. At present, companies have been developing self-propelled intelligent field tea picking robots, but the performance of equipment such as climbing performance, production efficiency, and leakage rate has yet to be further improved.