Poultry hair removal must first be scalded Related equipment needs to pay more attention to intelligence

- May 09, 2018-

At the time of poultry slaughter, the depilation of poultry has received a great deal of attention. After all, anyone who does not want to eat does not see any remaining hair on the poultry. Therefore, many companies are quite demanding on depilation equipment. There are many types of shaving equipment on the market, such as spiral, drum, and cylinder. However, the scalding equipment required for the previous step of hair removal is often ignored by us.


People who have had plucking or hair removal for poultry should know that the degree of scalding has a great influence on the process of plucking: once scalding is not uniform enough, the fully scalded part will be easy to remove hair, and parts that are not fully scalded will be affected. It is extremely difficult to remove the hair. However, artificially scalding poultry for the first time, high-temperature water in the process of scalding can easily splash around and cause personal injury. Second, because the shape of the large-scale poultry is too large, scalding is very labor intensive. Therefore, scalding equipment is very important in the poultry hair removal process.


Different scalper equipment designed different devices for full scalding: spiral stir-type scalding machine uses spiral mixing roller to progressively stir the poultry body and forced circulating water flow, which promotes more even feather plume scalding. Thoroughly; the scalding pool is equipped with turn-up tanks for diverting water, steam heating, and the wind to inflate the triplet form of water to ensure the boiling state of the water to scald the body of the poultry; the box-type scalding tank generally uses the double action of the mechanical and air flow to promote scalding. The adequacy of the process; the machine used for the production line is equipped with a mechanical conveyor to put the poultry into the scalding tank and repeatedly rolled to ensure full scalding.



With the gradual concentration of slaughter in our country, slaughtering equipment gradually tends to be exclusive, as does the scalding machine. For different types of poultry, the scalding machine is designed to produce a personalized equipment production method. For example, Zhucheng Shangming Machinery's fully-automated boat-type chicken scald ironing machine uses Chinese chicken blood as a delicacy on the dinner table, adds a blood drain to the scalding machine, and designs a blood-boarding device in the Lv Xue area. Chicken blood can be collected separately and used twice.


After the scalding pool is scalded by more than one bird, the water level and water temperature will decrease to some extent. There are still a lot of scalding equipments that need to replace and add hot water by themselves. In fact, this stage can be solved by automation equipment. The scalding tank produced by Zhucheng Hongqiang Machinery is equipped with an automatic temperature control device and an automatic water supply system to ensure the smooth progress of the scalding work.


The scalding machine has played a role in cleaning and sterilizing poultry to a certain extent. How to ensure hygiene and tidyness is also a big problem. The stains in the scalding pool contain stains, hair, and oil on the poultry. Improper cleaning will cause internal residues. odor. Manual cleaning requires the use of neutral or slightly alkaline cleaners to clean the oil. Can also be considered for the scald machine equipped with high temperature shower and other cleaning systems, equipped with cleaning agent to achieve internal self-cleaning. In addition to the scalding area, the fan needs to be cleaned regularly, but be careful not to remove the air inlet filter when cleaning, so as not to damage the fan.


The scalding equipment is a poultry slaughtering equipment, and the working environment is rather harsh. Therefore, it needs to be maintained during use. First, the equipment needs to be placed in a well-ventilated area, and the air is circulated to carry the thick odor when the poultry slaughters. Secondly, most of the current scalding equipments are simple in structure and cannot self-diagnose equipment problems. Therefore, the equipment needs to be inspected before use: the looseness of each joint, whether the water supply part is sealed, and whether the equipment running parts need to be lubricated, etc. To avoid damage to the equipment due to the carelessness of these parts of the equipment.


In fact, scalding equipment is a very simple food machinery and equipment, but it is not a thought to make it complicated. The chickens and geese that are seen everyday have similar body shapes, but the hair removal of geese is obviously more difficult than that of chickens, and the temperature requirements for scalding are not the same; even the same type of poultry is in different growth stages and is hot to scald. Water temperature also has different requirements. In order to avoid stupid type temperature setting not suitable for all poultry, it can be equipped with sensors and other equipment to monitor the degree of scalding so that scalding equipment can implement intelligent scalding for poultry according to the degree of poultry scald to avoid overheating Or the time is too long to cause damage to the body surface of the poultry, affecting the appearance of the final product. This kind of smart scalding device is sure to be more popular in the future.