The overseas chocolate production equipment is constantly updated How should China catch up?

- May 10, 2018-

Chocolate Packaging Refers to 3D Printing to Solve Operational Failures


In a chocolate factory in Rotterdam, there is a chocolate packaging machine. The hooking device of the chocolate packaging machine always malfunctions. This hooking device plays a key role in transporting chocolate to the conveyor belt. If it fails, it must be handmade. Part replacement, some machines on the chocolate production line will be stagnant for a long time. In order to solve this problem, the Dutch 3D service provider proposes to use FDM technology to manufacture 3D printing hooks. The produced parts not only fail to operate many times without failure, but also eliminate the high cost of manually creating metal parts. In the future, the chocolate factory plans to use 3D printing technology to try the manufacture of chocolate prototype molds, and will continue to explore more possibilities for integrating 3D printing into its business.


When we associate 3D printing with chocolate, we often only think that 3D printing technology can directly customize the shape of chocolate, so that the finished product meets the individual needs of young consumers. From this example, we can see that the 3D printing technology can also be used in the production process of chocolate production line equipment. Through the replacement production of equipment components, the cost of equipment production can be further reduced, while also overcoming some of the defects caused by raw materials. .


Robots use the chocolate production line to build a future chocolate factory


ChocoBotic applies robots and IoT technology to chocolate production. The entire production line equipment can be designed and flexibly modified according to different conditions of the user's production site to meet different quality, quantity and formula requirements. Whether it is a small batch customization or a seasonal product, this line of equipment can be switched instantly. Based on intelligent monitoring and control technology, the production line's production efficiency has been significantly improved, and product quality is stable. Moreover, the production line of chocolate is minimized due to manual intervention, so that it is not necessary to consider increasing labor costs and food safety is more secure.


It can be seen that foreign countries are striving to realize the intelligence of the chocolate production line equipment, and under this premise, the flexibility index of equipment production is continuously improved. According to the survey, the chocolate consumer groups in China are more and more similar to other regions in Asia. Taste is the most important driving factor, and personalized products are favored. Therefore, China's chocolate production line equipment should also change to a flexible, intelligent production direction.


In addition, under the attack of a large wave of health, studies by foreign universities have shown that the application of electric fields in the flow direction of liquid chocolate can reduce the fat content in chocolate by 10-20%. The use of this result only needs to be close to the pump. Add a viscosity reduction device to the downstream.


It can be seen that foreign chocolate production equipment has been constantly improving and upgrading, thus driving the increasingly sophisticated chocolate production. This may be the reason why they can firmly control the chocolate market in China's first and second tier cities. However, we must also see that the chocolate market in China's second and third-tier cities still has great potential. China's chocolate production equipment companies need to carry out research and development upgrades to further promote the layout of domestic chocolate brands.