Is it difficult to store figs? Food machinery and equipment are processed in depth to make it available for four seasons

- May 11, 2018-

The storage time of mature figs at room temperature does not exceed 24 hours, and low temperatures can extend the shelf life of foods, so cold storage plays an important role in extending the shelf life of figs. However, cold storage is not a solution once and for all. People have found that unsuitable cold storage temperatures will degrade the quality of fig fruit and ultimately affect its taste. A cooperative in Weihai, Shandong Province, repeatedly sought advice from the experts and freshmen of the Institute of Agricultural Sciences, and finally found the optimum temperature for fig refrigerated storage. It can change the storage time of figs from one day to one week. The appearance and flavor of figs will not change. There is a big difference between fresh fruit and fresh fruit.



It is also a common practice in the industry to allow fruits to be stored for a long period of time. Traditional drying, drying, and drying will cause some loss of nutrients in figs. The vacuum freeze-dried fruit that is popular in the market can avoid the loss of nutritional value caused by dried fruits. A vacuum freeze-dryer is used in this. The device first freezes the figs in a low-temperature environment and then sublimates them by placing them in a vacuum. After drying the figs, it will not damage the original shape, but also retain nutrients. However, the use of vacuum freeze dryers has a high quality requirement for fig fruits, which cannot be achieved at all. This puts certain requirements on the fig sorting equipment. According to the author's understanding, there is currently no sorting equipment for figs. The R&D and production units of related sorting equipment can seize the opportunity to develop sufficiently gentle and appropriate equipment to divide the figs. selected.


Figs are used as a kind of fruit, and the contact of pesticides in fruit trees when planting can lead to inefficiency. This nature of eliminating pesticide residues meets people's needs for healthy foods. Coupled with the dozens of nutrients contained in fig, it still has great potential in deep processing. In recent years, China's fig deep-processing products have been earning foreign exchange through exports. However, product varieties are limited to dried fruit, canned fruit, preserved fruit, fruit juices, fruit powders and other products, which have a certain added value but are not high enough, and the depth of processing is limited.


To solve this problem, we need to start from two aspects. First, fig deep-processing companies research and develop fig deep-processing technologies. For example, a Henan company intends to cooperate with universities like China University of Science and Technology and Henan University of Science and Technology to fully develop the medicinal and food value of figs, and research production of fig edible agents, medicinal agents, etc. product. In Weiyuan County, where the fig industry is relatively mature, Jin Sifang Fruit Industry introduced German equipment for the production of fig fiber rods, allowing figs to enter the field of meal replacement bars. Sichuan Luruntai Technology has established R&D centers in research institutes such as universities and research institutes to develop the first fig enzyme, and has standardized the production of enzymes through the introduction of the fig puree production line...


The second is in-depth research and development of deep-processing fig production equipment. From the above analysis, we know that at present, China's food machinery and equipment related to deep processing of figs still remain at a relatively early stage. The production of products such as dried fruit, canned foods, and fruit juices already has corresponding food machinery and equipment. However, there is insufficient research and development for production equipment such as fig fiber rods and fermented products, and related companies still need to import them from abroad. Therefore, China's food machinery and equipment companies need to further research and development of equipment to promote the development of fig deep processing.