Discussion on preventing foam from drawing oil

- Apr 16, 2018-

In the commissioning phase of drawing oil, there is always a temporary foaming phenomenon, even if the design of the appropriate size of the system, even if the use of deionized water will increase the possibility of foam. Bubbles can generally last for hours or even days, but are easier to control and stable, and occasional bubbles are often caused by unexpected factors.


    Cleaning the machine with a cleaning agent can also cause bubbles. The reason for the bubble is that air is mixed with drawing oil. Therefore, to prevent the drawing oil foam must prevent the mixing of air, should take the following measures: 1, limit agitation; 2, control the overflow of the end of the pipeline, 3, maintain the height of the liquid level, to avoid pump suction inlet into the air; 4, avoid the design size of the tank is too small The size of the system should be appropriate; 5. Check the function and seal condition of the pump, 6, check the circulation temperature.