Basic requirements for the appearance of wire and cable products

- Apr 15, 2018-

1. Round aluminum Rod

Requirements to check the degree of roundness, whether there are folding, wrong circle, cracks, inclusions, kink and other defects and serious mechanical damage scar, hemp pits, skin, flying edge, corrosion spots and so on.

2. Round copper wire Check the surface is smooth, there is no triangle, burr, crack, folding and inclusions and serious spots, hemp pits, mechanical damage, such as corrosion spots. It is worth proposing is the oxidation of copper wire, generally golden yellow for normal, light red for mild oxidation, the surface is dark red, blue for severe oxidation, usually the situation of severe oxidation should be awarded as waste treatment.

Aluminum wire In the manufacturing process appears DAO Zi situation more, do overhead power lines should be strictly controlled.


3, aluminum than the line surface Wire should be twisted tightly and neatly, can not loose, a single line of kink, single line jump or bump and single line of fracture phenomenon. In addition, in the single line of the joint welding should be round and welding has been required to do anti-corrosion treatment, joint of the increase in general not more than the diameter of the tolerance of twice times, the two-wire joint welding space between the length should also be in line with the standard, the same two-wire welding should be not less than 15 meters, the same layer is not the same single line two welding space within the space between the inner layer The outer layer is not less than 15 meters, the copper core is a single copper wire, welding is not allowed.