Application of low smoke 0 halogen calcium-silicon intumescent flame retardant plastic in cable

- Apr 14, 2018-

 Low Smoke 0 halogen calcium-silicon intumescent flame retardant system was developed in the 90 's a new product named Casico TM, its basic composition is: ethylene-propylene copolymer, surface treatment of chalk and silicone elastomer composition, from the composition of the system to see breakthrough in the traditional ammonium polyphosphate (APP) for acid source, Pentaerythritol (per) is a carbon source, and the melamine or phase derivative is the gas source model. Based on this principle developed (HFLS) halogen-free low halogen flame-retardant cable plastic, the main flame retardant is a large number of filled aluminum and magnesium hydroxide, such as flame retardant filler, the flame retardant in the release of crystalline water, absorb a lot of heat, thereby inhibiting the temperature rise of the composite, delaying the thermal decomposition of polymers, reduce combustion speed.

This type of cable requires a lot of inorganic flame retardant materials to fill, which greatly reduce the extrusion processing of materials, as well as mechanical properties, cable in the use of the process is prone to transverse cracking, a great loss of the value of the application of cable products. In recent years, it has been found that the flame retardant effect can be improved by increasing the concentration gradient of flame retardants on the surface of molded parts. In this principle, a small amount of polysiloxane can be added to the plastic.

In this way, when burning, a silicon organism enriched on the surface of molded parts can obtain high flame retardancy. Huasheng Cable Group designed Casico TM low smoke 0 halogen calcium silicon intumescent flame-retardant plastic, its intumescent flame retardant mechanism is to use EBA (ethylene-propylene copolymer) as acid source and carbon source, CaCO3 is the gas source, this new three-source has achieved better matching under the condition of storage of SI component. The disadvantages of the removal of the moisture absorption components of the traditional intumescent flame retardant system are overcome.

Among them, SFR is a transparent, viscous polysiloxane polymer, which can reduce the fluidity of silicon by interpenetrating the polymer network in part through the crosslinking mechanism.

Shanghai Shenghua Cable Group cooperated with Shanghai Jiaotong University to set up the school-Enterprise Cooperative Research Center, to conduct a comprehensive war on flame retardant materials, and to cooperate with the Chinese flame Retardant society, Sinopec and other users and experts, set up China flame retardant research and Development center, promote the industrialization and marketization of flame-retardant products. When SFR is used as flame retardant, only a very low dosage is required to meet the flame retardant requirements and maintain the original properties of the substrate. So if in the safe fire level relatively high places, as long as the increase in dosage, you can achieve excellent flame retardancy and smoke suppression, and elongation, mechanical properties and so can meet the requirements, the real realization of halogen-free low smoke flame retardant cable target requirements. Shenghua Cable group developed the type of new material cable has mineral oil function, is the marine, locomotive, vehicles, oil production department long-awaited cable products to export foreign projects is a strong cooperation and support.