How to calculate the cost of wire and cable knitting machine cable

- Apr 13, 2018-

Wire and cable weaving machine calculation of cable costing method:

Multi-stranded conductor stranded outside diameter calculation:

The conductor is twisted in a twisted way, and the diameter of the stranded is calculated by the following two methods:

D----the diameter of a single conductor d---the diameter of N---Conductor of a stranded conductor in the above two methods, Method 2 is suitable for the calculation of the outer diameter of the conductor stranded in a twisted way:

Calculation of conductor Dosage: 1. Single conductor 2.----A single conductor diameter ρ-conductor density N---conductor stranded root number λ---conductor stranded coefficient note: The dosage is calculated as a single core when the amount of conductor, when the multi-core must consider the time of the core-wire stranded coefficient. Anti-oxidation of the conductor. In order to prevent the conductor from oxidizing, can be twisted in the conductor, add bat or DOP oil (such as power cord, transparent line). Extrusion part of the design and calculation: the part of the squeeze is included in the insulation extrusion. In the process of being taken out and being taken out, in the course of the detention, because of the different use of the wire and the way of extrusion. In general, the insulation is extruded using a squeeze type,

The inner protection layer and the outer protection layer adopt the half squeeze tube type. Sometimes, in order to meet the performance requirements of the use of squeeze-tube. The specific selection method, the reference to the extrusion technology.

1. The choice of the extrusion material: the selection of the extrusion material in the design process is mainly based on the use of the rubber material, temperature grade, gloss, soft hardness, plastic agent resistance to mobility, non-toxic performance, etc. to choose.   


2. Go out: d2=d+2*t D------out the front od D2----out the outer diameter t------out the thickness of the extrusion thickness (t) mainly according to the relevant standards of wire, combined with plant equipment production capacity to meet customer requirements as far as possible. 3. Dosage: The use of different ways of extrusion, extrusion of the dosage of the calculation formula is also different. Squeeze-Tube Extrusion type w= (S-Finished section-s cable core content) *ρρ-----The density of the rubber material. Considering the tolerances of wire rods, the current cable enterprises generally adopt the following calculation method. Design and calculation of w=3,14159*1.05*t* (2*d+t) *ρ core wire stranding: core-wire stranding is one of the most important processes in the production of many multi-core cables. The core wire is twisted by the process of a plurality of insulated cores or unit-twisted composite cores. 

    The principle is similar to that of conductor stranding, the calculation of the general process parameters of core-line stranding and the deformation of the core in the process of stranding. The core-wire stranding is divided into symmetrical and asymmetrical twisted-pair according to whether the diameter of the core is the same. Because the core wire in the twisting process has bending deformation, some of the thicker insulation core wire in the twisting process using the back twist. such as UL2919, Cat.5, IEEE1394, DVI core wire and other high foam insulation core.

The following points describe the calculation of the process parameters of cored wire stranding: 1. Pair: The equivalent outer diameter of the Strand: d=1.65d or 1.71d (soft 1.65d, hard with 1.71d), sometimes d=1.86d equivalent outer diameter:d=2.6d multiple logarithmic stranded wire equivalent diameter: On the stranded pitch.

According to the logarithm of the stranded group, the diameter of the core wire is selected.

2. Multi-core twist: the diameter of the core wire is not much, according to the normal stranded calculation. The core line arrangement mode and the core wire stranded outside diameter calculation may according to the following table: When the number of cores is more and the diameter is smaller, the approximate calculation of the 15~20 (the calculation formula of conductor's outside diameter) can be used to calculate the length of the twisted-joint diameter of the general stranded pitch. Sometimes in order to improve wire performance, You can select the appropriate pitch. In order to improve the bending performance of the wire, reduce the hinge pitch. USB cable to reduce the core line deformation, the use of large distance.