Drawing machine maintenance method

- May 23, 2018-

1, the staff should strictly follow the operating procedures to operate.

   2. Each time the machine is turned on, it is necessary to conduct safety inspection on the drawing machine equipment, and then press the lubrication chart to request timing, fixed point, and quantitative lubrication, and the oil should be clean without precipitation.

   3, drawing machine must always be kept clean, non-paint part of rust-proof grease. The lubrication oil in the motor bearing should be changed and filled regularly, and often check whether the work of the electrical part is normal, safe and reliable.

   4, regular inspection of the triangle belt, handles, knobs, keys are damaged, serious wear should be promptly replaced, and reported spare parts added.

   5, regular inspection and repair switch, insurance, handle, to ensure its reliable operation. 10 minutes before work every day, lubricate the wire drawing machine and wipe the clean wire drawing machine.

   6. It is strictly forbidden for non-designated personnel to operate the equipment. Normally, it is necessary to stop people from leaving the aircraft.

   7、Special CNC position controller for position control after wire drawing machine. The system controls the running speed of an ordinary three-phase asynchronous motor and uses a high-resolution photoelectric encoder to directly detect the moving parts and can accurately position the backgauge.

   8, because it is the ordinary three-phase asynchronous motor control, compared with the stepper motor, servo motor, frequency control system, to maximize the savings of the entire backstop control system costs. The system is easy to operate, with high precision and strong anti-jamming capability. It is applied to the shearing machine and the back gauge system of the bending machine. It is a cost-effective control solution.

   9. Requirements of the wire drawing machine to the inverter The inverter can achieve up to 150% starting torque at 0.5HZ. With the change of load and voltage, the output frequency can be adjusted automatically to achieve the same speed. It is required to be able to implement multiple proportional transport control. Must have RS485 communication function and PLCPC machine realizes the communication control. Power saving effect is good. 4 using common DC bus control. The disadvantages of using aggressive V/F control or space vector control inverters are insufficient torque. Conservative V/F frequency converters exhibit low frequencies. Rotational instability can occur when the polisher load and voltage change. Therefore, high-precision proportional linkage control cannot be achieved, and only non-inductive vector control can control the slip of the motor.

   10. When the load is a motor characteristic, motor and generator load characteristics often occur during the operation of the wire drawing machine. The slip of the motor is positive, and changes with the load; on the contrary, when the load is a generator characteristic, the slip of the motor is negative, and it is easy to exceed the synchronous speed, and the negative plant is proportional to the size of the generator, so it cannot be High-precision proportional linkage control.