The use of fork type stranding machine

- May 23, 2018-

1, pay-off frame: designed for the host to release the core wire use.

    2. Stranded wire unit: The stranded wire unit is made up of two separate strands, each of which is relatively independent. The number of stranded strands can be 12, 18, and 24, respectively. The reel installed on each section of the cable tray is fixed with a top cone and a brake top cone. The distribution hole of the distribution board is conical, which facilitates the twisting of the single wire. The host part of each body is equipped with a power hydraulic pusher respectively. When the main motor is disconnected, the oil pump motor starts to work, and the brake valve piston tops up. Due to the leverage, each pair of brakes will brake the spindle. The brake wheel makes the main engine stop. When the brake is restarted, the brake pump motor is cut off. The piston in the oil pump is reset under the action of the spring and the brake shoe is separated.

    The fork-type stranding machine is a 54-disc fork winch formed by a three-stage fork-type stranding machine. It is also possible to use the machine in sections according to the needs of the semi-finished product line and the finished product line, and this simply requires that the separate handles of the waist sections of the spindle boxes that are not required be used be moved at an angle.

    3, fork type stranding machine die base: The die seat is located at the front end of the sub-disc, which is used for adjusting the wire harness and fixing the focus. The die seat is installed on the box of the spindle box, fixed with two guide bars, and can be twisted according to the The different angles of the system are adjusted by rotating the screw so that the single line is correctly distributed on the surface of the core.

    4, fork-type stranding machine traction device: Fork-type stranding machine requires a universal drive shaft to drive the three units at the same time. The traction devices consist of a traction gearbox and traction wheels with a diameter of φ1600 (φ1255) mm. Because the required direction of the finished product is different, the rotation direction of the spindle also needs to be changed. In order to ensure the same direction of traction, a traction reversing mechanism is designed in the traction gearbox. By moving the reversing handle on the upper part of the traction box, the direction of traction can be ensured. change.

    Fork-type stranding machines use double traction wheels to fully guarantee the surface quality of the strands.

    5, fork-type stranding machine metering device: with a length device for measuring finished products. The counter is composed of a set of transmission gears, and the transmission mode is that the rotation of the traction wheel drives the rotation of the number in the counter through the transmission gear. Once each carry, that means the length of the twisted wire is one meter, according to the counter's accumulated number, the counter is installed. There is a zero reset device.

    6, fork type stranding machine closes part of the line: The cable part adopts 50 cable device, the gear motor drives the cable to arrange, the take-up line adopts the non-shaft type take-up line.