How to select isolated mineral insulated cables for ships

- Apr 23, 2018-

At present, the requirements of shipboard cable are to meet the burning performance through the iec60332-3 of a beam flame retardant test, and the performance requirements of isolated mineral insulated cables for ships have not yet been clearly required standard, so the selection of power cables for ships can be used as a guide to the selection of isolated mineral insulated cables for ships.

A The use of halogen-free, low smoke, low toxicity, into a bundle of flame retardant ship cable, according to the requirements of the application, the use of cables, applications and working conditions for selection;

b The rated voltage of the cable is not allowed to be lower than the nominal voltage of the circuit using the cable, and the long-term allowable operating temperature of the cable shall be at least 10 ℃ higher than the maximum ambient temperature of the cable laying place;

c The same ship should be used as far as possible to choose the same temperature-rated cable, temperature rating of more than 5 ℃ cable should be divided beam laying, if there is difficulty in beam laying, all the cable in the beam rated current should be in accordance with the lowest temperature rating of the cable load flow considerations;

(d) A fire-resistant cable shall be used for the cable of the fire-resistant zone and for the cable of the critical equipment which is still to be maintained in a state of fire and for the cables of the accident power system; E If there is a mechanical protection or shielding requirement for the cable in the laying path, the cable should be designed as a armored cable with a metal braid sleeve.

If the cable laying in the open air deck or cabin, such as damp, should have anti-corrosion external sheath;

f The AC network and DC network should try to select multi-core cable, avoid the selection of single core cable, and in the selection of multi-core cable, to consider the standby core line. In addition, the environmental performance of isolated mine insulated cables for ships must be adapted to the environmental conditions in which they are installed and used, such as impact resistance, mold resistance, oil pollution, vibration and so on, at the same time in special circumstances, but also in line with radiation, anti-explosive gas, electromagnetic protection, sun irradiation and other special environmental performance requirements.