Selection and application of copper antioxidants

- Apr 22, 2018-

There are many products of oxidation in the market, many are 3 acid by proportional synthesis, the production of many nitrogen and oxygen compounds, the need for special treatment of exhaust gas devices, and will produce zinc corrosion, the human skin and respiratory tract has a strong damage, but the treatment of copper pieces shiny and shiny, in the production of a very wide range of applications. Similar additives manufacturers and Shanghai Ys Auxiliaries Factory, its products N 11 also has similar performance. Chunlan air-conditioning, sharp air-conditioning, refrigerator condenser, copper pipe valve parts, lamp caps, antenna levers and electronic diodes, such as bright cleaning technology, all adopt this kind of cleaning technology. But this kind of demand for some high precision, the surface non-corrosive cleaning requirements are still very far, such as multi-layer PCB board, CNC processing parts.

Now to meet the vast majority of manufacturers process requirements are roughly the following: In line with environmental requirements, do not produce corrosion, in addition to rapid, without a large number of nitrogen oxide compounds, harmless to the human body, the treatment of copper pieces of bright color. Second, in addition to oxidation of the antioxidant products, theoretically, the copper ions and natural oxygen in the effective isolation, can solve the copper and copper alloy oxidation problems, such as electroplating, fuel injection, spray paint, passivation, membrane protection, such as the treatment of these methods can be better to solve the copper in the processing, the product oxidation problem, But not every process is suitable for the needs of customers, some means of high cost, copper and the inherent natural color of the alloy can not be reflected on the electrical conductivity, welding properties, tin properties have a greater impact; passivation treatment products will appear chromatic aberration, anti-oxidation time is not long; now more popular, the effect is the best is the membrane oxidation , the main principle of work: the oxidation of the working fluid penetrated to the surface of copper ions in the gap (very thin, can not be recognized by the naked eye, and then wash clean copper surface of the antioxidant working fluid, drying copper surface moisture can be, antioxidant solution in the copper gap between the formation of a layer of uniform protective film, can effectively isolate the natural oxygen, So as to effectively prevent copper oxidation discoloration, the processing of the advantages of this process is: oxidation time lasting, low-cost, bright color, on the conductive properties, welding performance, tin performance has no effect.