The characteristics of various continuous wire drawing machines

- May 22, 2018-

1, wheel type wire drawing machine

It is a type of lineable non-slip dry continuous wire drawing machine; in the drawing process, there is no relative sliding between the wire and the surface of the reel in the circumferential direction of the reel in the direction of reel circumferential surface, and the wear amount of the two surfaces is relatively small. And when a reel is temporarily parked in the middle, the reel behind it can still work for a certain period of time depending on the respective amount of accumulated line. The model has the advantages of simple structure, convenient operation and maintenance, low manufacturing cost, etc. At the same time, it has a certain coefficient of line accumulation, and the steel wire stays on the coil for a long time, which is conducive to sufficient cooling of the steel wire. However, the number of guide pulleys is too large, which not only increases the number of bending times of the steel wire, but also causes the wire to twist along its own axis during the drawing process, which seriously affects the inherent quality and surface quality of the steel wire.

This feature of the pulley-type wire drawing machine determines that the model is only suitable for drawing medium and small size steel wires and other metal wires with relatively low quality and strength requirements.

2, double drum type wire drawing machine

Due to the twisting phenomenon of the wire in the drawing process of the pulley type wire drawing machine, a double roll type wire drawing machine is developed on the basis of the pulley type wire drawing machine. The model has the advantages of a pulley puller and eliminates the torsion of the wire in the drawing process. The steel wire has a better cooling effect on the drum.

The double drum type wire drawing machine, like the pulley type wire drawing machine, has many guide rollers, especially the intermediate over-travel guide roller between the upper and lower rollers, which generates 180 when the wire passes through it. Bending, it is not suitable for drawing large-size high-strength steel wire; machine operation is not as convenient as pulley type, and parts such as friction ring and wire wheel between upper and lower reels are large in rotational inertia, which limits the increase of drawing speed. The model belongs to the transitional model developed by the pulley type wire drawing machine to the higher grade wire drawing machine. It is suitable for drawing medium and small size wire.

3, looper type wire drawing machine

In order to further improve the wire quality and drawing speed, a loose-type wire drawing machine was developed. It is also a non-sliding wire drawing machine; it simplifies the route taken by the wire between the reels, and the wire will not be drawn during the drawing process. Axial torsion occurs, and due to the use of DC motor drag, can achieve a wide range of stepless speed regulation, expanding the selection range of the elongation between the drum, wire drawing machine can operate in the most reasonable state of operation. In addition, the looper generates a pulling or pulling force for each reel during the drawing process. In the case of puller with looper and puller with looper, the drawing force can be reduced, the service life of the drawing die can be prolonged and the kinetic energy can be reduced. The looper type wire drawing machine is a continuous wire drawing machine which can automatically adjust the speed. Theoretically speaking, within the tolerance limits of the steel wire compression rate and the mechanical energy parameters of the machine, as long as the total process compression rate is greater than or equal to the total machine compression rate, the drawing machine can be automatically adjusted for any process matching machine. . Therefore, looper type wire drawing machine is a kind of advanced wire drawing machine, suitable for drawing small and medium-sized high-strength steel wire and alloy steel wire.

The drawback of the looper type wire drawing machine is that due to the use of DC dragging, the electric speed control system is miscellaneous, the cost of the machine is high, and the maintenance is difficult. When the steel wire of different specifications is drawn, the tension of the looper needs to be adjusted; therefore, the operation of the machine is required. The technical level is higher. In addition, there are many over-travel guide wheels in this model, and the threading is complicated. The number of bends in the steel wire is large, and it is not possible to draw large-size steel wires and hard materials.

4, straight-type wire drawing machine

The pulley type, double reel type and plug-in type wire-drawing machines are all capable of drawing large-size steel wire and hard materials because of the large number of wire guide pulleys; in order to solve this problem, a straight-feed wire drawing machine has been developed. After the wire is wound a few times on the preceding reel, it directly enters the next drawing die and is wound on the next reel. The middle guide wire does not pass through the wire, and the wire between the two reels is linear. It adopts the DC drag like the trapezoidal type, and automatically adapts the speed of the intermediate reel to adapt the machine extension coefficient to the actual elongation factor of the steel wire, that is, to automatically adjust the machine to reach the normal working point. The machine compression rate is equal to the process compression. rate.

The advantage of this model is that the threading is simple, and the wire is not twisted and bent at a small radius during the drawing process. Its disadvantage is that it can not draw the wire of finer specification, the steel wire stays on the reel for a short time, and the cooling effect is poor; the application scope of the wire drawing machine is small.

5、Rolling roller linear wire drawing machine

This is a new type of machine that combines the advantages of looper-type and straight-in two wire-drawing machines. It has the advantages of looper-type non-reversing, large speed range, high drawing speed, and good lining effect. It also has the advantages of simple straight-line steel wire, convenient threading and large-size steel wire drawing. Steel wire in the small radius of each reel bending phenomenon, the intrinsic quality and surface quality of the steel wire can be greatly improved; because there is no intermediate wire guide wheel, the mechanical structure is much simpler than live type, is a The advanced wire drawing machine is suitable for drawing high-strength, large-size round and special-shaped steel wire. However, it has large investment, complicated DC speed control system, and is difficult to maintain. The influence of these factors has brought about a certain degree of its promotion. difficult.

6, tank wire drawing machine

The distinguishing feature of the tank wire drawing machine in the first five types of wire drawing machines is that the copper wire has different degrees of relative sliding between the drawing process and the roll (except for the finished product roll), and the copper wire, the tower wheel and the wire drawing work. The molds are immersed in or sprayed with a cooling lubricant, so they are called water box wire drawing machines.

Its advantages are tight structure, small footprint, high pull-out density, no twisting during the drawing process, and high-speed drawing; the drawing process is performed in cooling lubricant, copper wire The cooling and lubrication conditions are good and the quality is guaranteed.

Its disadvantage is that during the drawing process, there is relative sliding between the copper wire and the surface of the drum along the circumferential direction of the tower wheel. The friction and the agitation of the cooling lubricant by the tower wheel consume a lot of power, not only reducing The efficiency of the machine and the tower wheel surface is severely worn; due to the limitations of the structure of the machine itself, the bending radius of the copper wire during the drawing process is relatively small, and the reason for the threading and other reasons determine that it is more suitable for drawing various fine details. Specifications copper wire.