Wire cutters common faults

- May 21, 2018-

The common faults of wire cutters:

      Possible Problems/Possible Causes/Remedy The machine does not operate when it is started:

1. The main power is not connected Check the external power supply and send the power again

2. The control power is not turned on. Use a key switch to turn on the power or close the switch in the power distribution cabinet.

3. Pause button press again, let it bounce

4. Emergency stop button press Release emergency stop button

5. PLC damage Replace

6. Power cord and other equipment Reconnect to independent power supply

The short line feeding device of the thread cutting machine is the upper and lower shafts of the front feeding reels of the thread cutting machine. By placing a pair of gear sets, the center of rotation thereof is biased against the cutting knife of the cutting machine; The shaft at the center of the shaft is provided with upper and lower rollers, so that the drum can be cut and stripped by the roller of the cutter closer to the shorter wire. In addition, with this simple external structure, the original wire machine does not have to be Internal changes are made to significantly reduce the cost of the design; in addition, the existing wire cutters can be loaded and unloaded on a motorized basis, allowing the wire cutter to increase the stripping and stripping capabilities of the shorter segments while maintaining the existing functional strips.