Characteristics Of High Performance Phase Separation Metal Insulation Power Cable

- Mar 20, 2018-

Long-term operation practice shows that even if the sheath is intact, there will still be some moisture or water vapor seeping into the cable core. Therefore, the medium and low voltage cable will improve the three-core water resistance cable to three single core water-resistant cable structure. That is, according to the structure of the single core medium piezoresistive cable, the three single core cable will be used instead of the three-core cable. The improved water resistance cable has the advantage of simple structure, good water blocking effect, saving water resistance material and cost, and is advantageous to the heat dissipation and the increase of the load flow, while the manufacturing process is simpler and the construction is easy to lay and connect.

This product can prevent moisture into the cable inside, to protect the insulation core drying, thereby prolonging the service life of the cable.

Split-phase metal layer high resistance water power cable is a new structure, this product manufacturing process simple, excellent product performance.

The main technical specifications of high performance phase separation metal insulation power Cable:

① Power Line Core Technical specifications: The conductor shall be a annealed copper conductor or an aluminum or aluminum alloy conductor, or a 5th copper or gold-plated copper conductor, which conforms to the 1th or 2nd gold or gold-plated genus of the gb/t3956.

insulation, metal shielding (if any), into cables, internal protection (if any), armored (if any), external protection to meet the requirements of gb/t12706 related standards.

② phase separation Metal Layer Technical Index:

After the completion of the phase metal layer, the cable should be inflated test, the test should be satisfied: the cable filled into the 50-100kpa of dry air or nitrogen, in the cable full length of pressure balance 3h, the cable should not be reduced in the air pressure.

Comprehensive waterproof Technical Index of ③ cable: Finished cable soaked in water for 72 hours, remove the insulation surface structure, with vision observation, insulation surface should be dry.