Discussion On Fixed Wiring Products With Small Size Aluminum Alloy Without Sheath

- Mar 19, 2018-

8000 Series aluminum alloy cable through the industry to promote, its superiority has been the vast number of users, design units of the widely recognized, cable enterprises have launched, a great sweep of potential.

What's more, the introduction of the aluminum alloy without sheath fixed wiring, the specifications from 1.0mm2 to 630mm2, covering the GB/T 5023.3-2008 of all specifications.

Fixed wiring main market for interior decoration, in the copper core fixed wiring products, the most widely used specifications for 1.5mm2-6mm2, aluminum alloy fixed wiring if replaced by copper core fixed wiring its corresponding specifications for 2.5mm2-10mm2.

   Aluminum alloy fixed wiring from the product's economic and installation (light weight) than copper-core fixed wiring has unparalleled advantages, but its pipe performance and connection performance is worth exploring, after all, after the cable laying is needed to put into the actual use of. The electrical wiring of the electric appliance in the interior is generally not more than 4mm, and the conductor diameter of 10mm2 aluminum alloy wiring is over or near 4mm, which is more difficult in practical application. Moreover, 10MM2 aluminum alloy wiring Its bending radius needs to reach 40mm (7 times times the outside diameter calculation), which in the narrow electrical space is not available.

Therefore, in the interior decoration, 10mm2 aluminum alloy wiring Regardless of its pipe-piercing, or electrical connectors and bending the need for space, the actual use of the difficulty is relatively large.

For 2.5MM2-6MM2 aluminum wiring, although not like 10mm2 aluminum wiring in the pipe, bending space difficulties, but also in connection with the problem. Indoor electrical appliances mainly for television, refrigerators, washing machines, rice cookers, electric lights, air-conditioning and so on, and these appliances are through switches, sockets or electrical contacts and other components with the cloth wire connection.

The common feature of these components is that the wiring of the wires is in the form of jack-type or ring-buckle bolts, and the parts are in contact with the wires of copper, tinned copper and other non-aluminum or aluminum alloy metal. Aluminum alloy cloth wire If connected to these parts, must use the above wiring method, at the same time have to contact with non-aluminum or aluminum alloy metal. Currently there is no such small specifications of the copper-aluminum transition terminals, and, even if there is no one willing to use the construction of the home market (construction volume increases, construction cumbersome). This can easily cause the contact part of the transition resistance significantly increased, fever and failure. At the same time, it is necessary to produce electrochemical corrosion reaction, in heat and air, electrochemical corrosion occurred is accelerated.

We should remember that China's aluminum-cored wire has been widely used, is not the quality of its wire itself, the key is its contact with components and connection problems. Therefore, the small size of the indoor decoration of fixed wiring, need in the threading pipe design, wiring and electrical contact parts to carry out and adapt, or through the further transformation of the aluminum alloy fixed wiring, so that it adapts to the current indoor electrical power environment. In this way, for the small size of the aluminum alloy fixed wiring to promote and use is beneficial, otherwise, should not be easily simply to cover up the future security risks of economic benefits.