Connectors For Aluminum Conductor Cables

- Apr 04, 2018-

A connecting piece which can be used in the aluminum conductor cable is developed. Compared with the commonly used copper wire, the use of aluminum conductor can reduce the cost of materials, but buried in the underground, between the cable and the connection between the electrical equipment is very difficult.

Using the developed connectors, aluminum conductor cables can be used to reduce costs while laying cables underground. At present, with the increase of PV power station and wind power station, the demand of reducing the cost of transmission system and reducing the construction time is tending to enlarge. In solving these problems, a conductor cable made of aluminum rather than expensive copper can be used to reduce material costs and shorten the duration by burying the cable underground. Using the newly developed connectors, the aluminum conductor cable can be used to build a long-distance underground transmission system.

This will reduce the cost of laying down by about 20% compared to the copper conductor. The development of the connector has 3 kinds, respectively, to connect the ground power grid, "Aerial terminal Connection", in the underground aluminum wire connection between the "straight connecting pieces", for the power transformer equipment, "T-Terminal Connection department."

Using these products, the aluminum conductor and the corresponding components can be used to complete the architecture between the whole system. In July 2014, the two companies obtained orders from TEPCO's Tokyo Power technology company, which will provide 7400m of aluminum conductor cables and connectors to 24MW PV stations planned to be built in Cicheng County, Japan. According to the introduction, this is Japan's first use of aluminum conductor of the large-scale photovoltaic power station transmission system. Connector products will be officially sold from October 2014, with the goal of achieving 1 billion yen sales by 2015.