Explosion-proof Cable Specifications And Explosion-proof Cable Usage Characteristics

- Apr 03, 2018-

At present, with the rapid development of China's industrial automation, explosion-proof cable in the production process as a communication, monitoring, detection, alarm and control system of power supply equipment, explosion-proof safety power supply is mainly used in coal, petroleum, chemical, textile and coal-containing mixtures of the environment. What kind of cable is called "explosion-proof cable"? That is, short circuit or electric spark, is not enough to ignite the surrounding flammable and explosive gas, such a circuit called the Nature explosion-proof safety circuit, the cable used is known as "explosion-proof cable." Explosion-proof cable is characterized by low capacitance, not easy to store charge, has a good shielding performance and anti-static properties.

Explosion-proof safety power circuit must meet the requirements of explosion-proof safety circuit standards, the current explosion-proof safety products and standards have formed a more complete system. Explosion-proof cable manufacturers a lot of uneven quality.

Tianjin Cable Factory First branch sales Manager Bi remind customers to buy explosion-proof cable, must be to the manufacturer (cable sales company) for drawings, or explosion-proof cable use of the environment, and the occasion of the detailed description, so as not to cause economic losses. Explosion-proof cable varieties have control cable, signal cable, computer cable, coaxial RF cable and other IA grade. In normal operating condition, there is a failure or two failure in the circuit, can not ignite the explosive gas mixture.

In the Type IA circuit, the operating current is limited to 100mA, suitable for chemical, refinery, ship, etc. IB rating: In normal operating conditions, as well as a fault in the circuit, can not point to the explosive gas mixture.

In the IB circuit, the operating current is limited to 150mA, applicable to mines and explosion-proof equipment. Another type of explosion-proof cable is used in coal mine fire-proof cable, must hold the product of mine product safety sign certificate, M Grade: Product coal mine power cable, coal mine signal cable, coal miner cable, coal wire armored cable, coal wire braided cable, etc., suitable for use in coal mine, straight well, inclined shaft, wellbore, etc.