How To Select A Home Installation Wire

- Apr 16, 2018-

 First, the sectional area of the wire is all the selected 2.5mm2, can you choose 1.5MM2? A: Now the building is generally divided into three road distribution, 1, kitchen backbone line is not less than 6 square millimeters, tap according to the capacity of the line; 2, the main line is not less than 4 square mm, tap socket is not less than 2.5 square mm; 3, the lighting backbone line is not less than 2.5 square millimeters, lamp control line 1.5 square millimeters.

" Second, should be selected GB wire? GB wire should be how to identify?

Can the wire be used as a single strand? A: According to national standards, the surface of the wire should be factory name, product model and rated voltage of the continuous signs.

           This is conducive to the use of wire in the process of problems can be found in a timely manner, consumers in the purchase of electric wires must pay attention to this point. At the same time, consumers should pay attention to the certification of the manufacturer's name, product model, rated voltage and wire surface printing marks are consistent to prevent counterfeit products.

Should use the national standard line, all wires must use a single plastic copper wire, absolutely do not allow a lot of soft copper wire;

Three, is not the wire halfway can not have any knot?

A: There is no connection between the line is not possible, there will be joints, the length of the connector is 5-7 times the diameter of the wire, that is, the joint at least 5-7 laps, joint to hang tin.

Iv. how to identify fake and inferior wires? (1) to see. See if there is no quality system certification, see whether the certificate is standard, see if there is no factory name, site, inspection chapter, production date; see if there are trademarks, specifications and voltages on the wires.

Also look at the cross section of the Wire copper core, the color of the excellent copper Bright, soft color, otherwise it is defective. Consumers in the purchase of electric wires should pay attention to the appearance of the wire should be smooth and flat, insulation and sheath layer without damage, logo printing clear, hand touch wire without greasy feeling.

From the cross-section of the wire, the entire circumference of the wire insulation or sheath thickness should be uniform, should not be eccentric, insulation or sheath should have a certain thickness. (2) try.

It is desirable to have a wire head repeated bending, general feel soft, anti-fatigue strength, plastic or rubber feel elastic and wire insulation without cracks is the excellent product. (3) Weigh. Good quality wire, generally in the specified weight range. such as the commonly used cross-sectional area of 1. 5 mm2 plastic insulated single strand copper core wire, per m weight of 1.8~1.9 kg;2.

5 mm2 plastic insulated single strand copper core wire, per m heavy The quantity is 3~3.1 kg;4. 0 mm2 Plastic insulated single strand copper core wire, each M weight is 4.4~4.6 kg and so on.

Poor quality of the wire weight is insufficient, or length is not enough, or wire copper core impurities too much. (4) Look at the copper. Qualified copper core wire copper core should be magenta, shiny, soft feel.

and shoddy copper core copper core for purple black, yellow or white, impurities, mechanical strength is poor, toughness is not good, a little hard will break, and wire is often disconnected Phenomenon. Check, you just peel off a wire 2 cm, and then use a piece of white paper on the copper core slightly rub, if the white Paper has black material, the copper core impurities more.

In addition, shoddy wire insulation layer appears to be very thick, in fact, mostly

is made of recycled plastic, a long time, insulating layer will be aging and leakage. (5) Look at the price. As a result of shoddy wire production costs are low, therefore, vendors in the sale, often cheap for the guise of low-cost sales, so that people fooled.