Technical Characteristics Of Chlorinated Polyethylene Wire And Cable

- Apr 17, 2018-

  (i) mixing

   1, chlorinated polyethylene main chain does not contain double bond, mechanical plastic when the main chain is not easy to cut off, the viscosity of its door has little influence, so no plastic refining. 2, CPE rubber is suitable for the mixer mixing, but also suitable for mixing mixer. Before mixing with the mixer, as the CPE is powdery, it is necessary to make the CPE in 70 ℃ to 90 ℃ to the translucent shape, and then mix. The temperature of the mixed rubber should be controlled in the 130℃~150℃ range when the CPE is mixed with the mixer. If the peroxide is added directly to the mixer for mixing, the mixer temperature should be controlled under peroxide  "sulfur" temperature.

In addition, the CPE rubber mixer mixing, should have enough plastic capacity, generally should be more than 95%.

(ii) Extrusion CPE has good coke-burning resistance and can extrude the smooth surface cable products. The length-diameter ratio of extruder screw is less than 12 o'clock, and extrusion has considerable difficulty. The surface quality of cable can be improved by using heat feed extrusion. When the length diameter ratio is greater than 12 o'clock, the cold extrusion and the heat agent can extrude the smooth surface cable.

In the extrusion temperature because the CPE is not as good as CR, Plasticizing is not easy, so in the extrusion, the fuselage temperature control in the 75℃~85℃, the head temperature control in the 85℃~95℃ is advisable.

(iii) vulcanization CPE is suitable for continuous piping vulcanization. In order to guarantee the production efficiency, it is necessary to improve the vulcanization temperature, which can be cured continuously under 1.2~2.0mpa steam pressure. Temperature is too low, vulcanization system dosage is insufficient or water cooling section is too short or no water cooling section, it is easy to produce bubbles. In addition, CPE is a heat-sensitive material, in the extrusion and vulcanization phase should be controlled temperature, temperature is too high, it is easy to produce pores.