New Transmission And Transformation Technology In The Tide Of Power Network Construction

- Apr 29, 2018-

Science and technology is the first productive force that causes social change. Technology pilot The Future road, is also the same truth, in China's rapidly changing power grid construction tide, who mastered the latest technical developments, grasp the direction of technology development, who won the future.

At present, the State Grid company is or is about to apply the 5 kinds of transmission and transformation of new technologies, very worthy of concern. First, UHV DC transmission technology. According to the National Grid company planning, by 2015 will be completed 7 UHV DC line, 2020 to build up to 27 back UHV DC project.

As of 2012, it has completed or started construction to the line, Jinping-Sunan, Hami south-Zhengzhou, Xi Luo du-Zhejiang UHV DC Project, 2013 will also be approved and started construction Nanjing East-Zhejiang, the AU-Taizhou, Mengxi-Hubei three lines. In this regard, the State Grid company is developing ± 1.1 million kv HVDC transmission technology, will be the use of large sections, eight split wire, and finally hope that ± 1.1 million KV line transmission capacity of more than 13 Million-kilowatt, ± 800,000 kv line conveyor capacity reached 10 million-kilowatt.

At present, the second Jinping-Sunan line conveying capacity is 7.2 million-kilowatt. The second is flexible DC transmission technology. It is reported that the State Grid company will build Dalian Sea-crossing flexible direct current transmission demonstration project and Zhoushan multi-terminal flexible direct current transmission demonstration project. The former aims to improve the power supply reliability of Dalian Southern Power grid, the project transmission power is 1000 MW, the voltage is ± 320,000 volts, will use 67.2 kilometer cable, among them the submarine cable 54-kilometer, the terrestrial cable 13.2 kilometers; the latter mainly for the purpose of solving the demand of offshore wind power grid, in Zhoushan Island, Daishan Island, Qu Shan Island,

Shing and Yangshan Island construction five-terminal flexible direct current transmission project, the project transmission power of 1000 MW, the voltage of ± 200,000 volts, will be used about 140-kilometer cables, of which the sea cable 129-kilometer, land cable 11-kilometer, is scheduled to be shipped this June. The third is the new generation of intelligent substation technology. At present, the State Grid company uses 220,000 kv AIS station, 220,000 KV GIS station, 110,000 KV AIS station, 110,000 KV GIS station four new generation of intelligent substation scheme. According to its plan, this year will be built 220,000 kv substation two, including Beijing Science and Technology City GIS station, Chongqing AIS station, 110,000 KV substation 4, including Beijing Science and Technology city, Tianjin, Shanghai GIS Station and Wuhan Science and Technology city AIS station.

And the next two years, the state grid companies will be large-scale promotion of the technology, plans to build 220,000 kv, 110,000 kv new generation of intelligent substation a total of 50, and completed 500,000 kv, 330,000 KV demonstration station construction. It is reported that 220,000 KV AIS station compared with the previous intelligent substation can be reduced by about 40% of the footprint, this is mainly because of the isolation switch to do a large number of simplification, such as the use of integrated intelligent circuit breaker on the 220,000-volt side, the cancellation of the station's outlet side isolation switch, the 110,000-volt side by the double Busbar optimization for single bus segment, The integrated intelligent circuit breaker is used to cancel the outlet of the station and the Busbar side isolating switch.

It can be seen that with the construction of this kind of substation, integrated intelligent circuit breaker will become a new market hotspot. The four is the standard distribution of intelligent substation technology. The purpose of this technology is to integrate the application of new technology and improve the construction efficiency of intelligent substation. In order to achieve this goal, the substation standardization design should be realized first that is, the use of universal design, general-purpose equipment, one or two equipment standardized connection, can plug and Play, followed by the need for factory processing, all two of the equipment used prefabricated cabin combination, one or two times the plant to achieve the scale of production, integrated debugging, the building adopts a preset structure;

The third is the assembly type construction, namely the building site assembly, the equipment Foundation unified size and the construction craft, uses the mechanization construction. In the first phase, the State Grid company hopes to build 5 distribution intelligent substations in the first half of this year, the realization of the assembly-type distribution room, the main control communication room, as far as possible to reduce on-site construction, the realization of equipment base standardization, prefabricated cabin two equipment, standardized prefabricated optical cables; the second stage, plans to build 25 stations, the realization of assembled GIS power distribution building, Production complex building, two times equipment Plug and Play, substation control standardization, modularity and so on.

This trend has indicated the direction for the development and improvement of related products. The five is intelligent AC transmission line. The line is supported by advanced materials, flexible regulation and information communication, comprehensive application of state detection, security warning, dynamic capacity-increasing technology, with safety and reliability, information fusion, flexible and efficient, energy-saving and environmental protection features, will adopt unmanned aerial patrol, helicopter patrol line, dynamic capacity-increasing module, monitoring device, new composite tower, energy-saving wire, Ice melting devices, etc., to bring market opportunities for related products. The State Grid company is planning to work on this.