Plastic Fiber Production Technology Has Made Breakthrough Progress

- Apr 30, 2018-

In the modern communication network construction, the fiber optic cable has occupied the main position in recent years, such as our country's fiber-optic household plan. This kind of fiber usually uses quartz as the production material.

At present, a plastic fiber optic cable is gradually being recognized by people, our country in the volume of the product manufacturing has also made a breakthrough, but because the market awareness is still at a low level, commercial promotion still has greater difficulties. At present, the optical fiber used in communication optical fiber is basically quartz fiber, which consists of high purity silica SiO2. In recent years, the plastic optical fiber (POF) has been developed, which is made of optical fiber with a translucent polymer.

Because the polymer can be used to mature simple drawing process, it is relatively low cost, and relatively soft, rugged, large diameter (up to 1mm), continuous loss is lower. Plastic optical cable is a single core or multi-core plastic fiber-coated polyethylene, PVC and other plastic sheath transmission light signal of the optical medium. High-speed data transmission, broadband access, fiber to household, fiber to table, home and Office intelligence Network, Automotive multimedia, industrial control, factory automation, automotive and aircraft, and military applications.

Various short distance data communications include audio jumpers, sensors, earthing and short-circuit indicator protectors such as plastic optical fiber optical networks, LAN, home and office optical Networks, Enterprise optical networks, digital monitoring, IPTV broadband connections, plastic fiber optic sensors.

It is understood that China's plastic fiber production technology has made breakthroughs, plastic optical fiber industry in the domestic market prospects are very broad. Now, from abroad, Europe, North America's telecoms companies and the European plastic fiber-optic alliance have been testing plastic fiber optics, which they consider to be easy to install, low-cost, flexible, without damaging the naked eye, and want to use it heavily into household and business users. In the domestic, plastic fiber optic This high-tech industry challenges and opportunities coexist.

For its positioning, loss, cost and industrial chain support, the industry is still in doubt, the market is not enough of its cognitive level. Low market awareness leads to even greater breakthroughs in the technology of plastic fiber optics, which are difficult to extend to commercial application.