Prevention Of Operating Risk Of Raw Material Use Quality Of Wire And Cable

- May 05, 2018-

At present, some of the raw materials used in wire and cable, due to the uneven quality of their manufacturing, resulting in the production and processing of products in the process of some unqualified unqualified products.

To the production of cable manufacturers and timely delivery caused a certain operating risk, first of all, give a few examples to specify the following:

1, cable with steel, copper tape in the continuous armor and shielding process, the local will suddenly appear oxidation, due to the production process, the equipment continuously boot quickly, when the operator found in the production process, may not be qualified products have been produced. 2, the continuous production process of wire, steel strand part will suddenly appear serpentine phenomenon, because the production process is a high-speed continuous fixed-length production, the phenomenon of the above phenomena, often lead to wire products can not be fixed long timely delivery, delay the delivery of products, while the operator found that the unqualified products have been produced, the actual process of production

without prior precautions.

3, wire and conductor wire core copper rod aluminum rod in the continuous drawing process, sometimes the surface will appear some bad silk phenomenon, bad silk in the process of pulling and back strand, the operator can not be found in time and complete prevention, until the wire finished or the core can be found, bad silk will cause the product Skinner, waste a large amount of copper aluminum material. 4.

The insulating material used in the medium voltage XLPE cable is packed in cartons, such as the internal presence of small impurities, the production process can not be prevented in advance, only in the insulation core shielding after the test can be found, resulting in product rewinding and positioning test hours a large number of waste and rework, serious may lead to a large number of products scrapped. Because of the different locations of cable manufacturers, located in the mainland cable manufacturers, their raw material suppliers may be located in the surrounding areas of the manufacturer, production and marketing of one-stop, the use of various types of raw materials to deal with the quality of the problem is very fast, the use of substandard raw materials to be treated, Not long time to occupy the production area of cable manufacturers, and located in the northwest edge of the cable manufacturer, the cable raw materials suppliers may be mostly located in the mainland, even if the quality of raw materials, feedback manufacturers will need time to deal with, therefore, the use of raw materials quality problems, The factory's timely delivery and order contract performance and market reputation has a great impact. For the above-mentioned in the actual production process of raw materials used in the quality of the problem, is to make the factory is quite a headache, the general manufacturers are currently taking the treatment is: After the discovery of the problem in time to retain the relevant witness information and samples, the material to do isolation identification. and timely feedback of the issue of raw materials suppliers to negotiate solutions. As the factory for all types of raw materials are generally used in bulk sampling, some raw materials to use quality problems alone into the factory sampling and production self-test can not do 100% in advance prevention. Recommendations on the use of the above-mentioned raw materials quality issues, users and suppliers in the supply contract to be added to determine the reduction of plant production and operation risk, reduce material and product loss of the claim terms, the factory's actual production and operation risk to the minimum. At the same time, in-depth analysis and discussion on this issue to find a reasonable solution to prevent beforehand.