Maintenance And Application Of SRS-1200 Series Resonant Partial Discharge Test System

- May 04, 2018-

 In the use of partial discharge equipment SRS-1200 Series resonant partial discharge test system, because the equipment is the long-term use of high pressure precision testing equipment, so the equipment daily maintenance ratio must be less, in our long-term continuous use of equipment, equipment has experienced some large and small faults,

      In the specific troubleshooting of equipment and maintenance process, we are acutely aware of the daily maintenance of the test equipment, the correct operation of the equipment to reduce the failure rate and the service life is closely related to the day-to-day maintenance of attention to the summary as follows, for the Bureau to detect peer reference. It is possible to take good care of all the coaxial cable signal lines used for measurement in the test system, especially to measure the damage or bad contact of the coaxial plug, which may cause background noise and test error. All electrode surfaces must be kept clean of non-polluting dust material. The operator shall periodically (usually once a week) clean the key parts of the equipment. Voltage regulator contact plane maintenance, due to long-term load operation, in the voltage regulator contact plane will produce carbon material, can be wiped with alcohol, so that the plane to maintain a certain degree of cleanliness, to ensure that the copper brush contact reliable. All connections must be reliable, especially the grounding must be reliable and not arbitrarily altered. When the flat laminated grounding copper belt is found to be damaged, it must be replaced in time to avoid the point discharge phenomenon of the grounding wire. The production of cable terminals is extremely important, and the local positioning tester must master the skills of stripping and installing the oil cup terminals in the semi conductive layer. Control room ambient temperature control in 25 ℃, humidity 80% below, so as to avoid damage to the station and tds-oscilloscope. Encountered long-term do not do test pressure, should be turned on two to three times a week, the boot time is not less than half an hour to maintain the instrument. Do not carry out the test, should be tds-oscilloscope power Plug and 50ω coaxial cable plug, protect the instrument to avoid damage. must comply with the operating procedures of the high-pressure laboratory, the test personnel shall not be less than 2 people. Oil pump, drive shaft, reactor transmission gear box, regulator transmission sprocket periodically lubricated, about 6 months. For shielding outdoor equipment, it is recommended that at least once every six months cleaning, inspection of the parts found dust to clear, especially the insulation surface is particularly vulnerable to contamination. According to the rated current of each gear of the test equipment, voltage value, resonant capacitance range, and different specifications of voltage grade cable per kilometer of capacitance calculation of the local release test system to do the local and AC voltage test, with the maximum length of the test load, for the test staff to provide reference to avoid overload phenomenon in the test process, The reactor coil is burnt and the contact head is converted. I plant the test staff to calculate the SRS-1200 series resonant partial discharge test system cable test maximum length as shown in the following table, for the Bureau of testing peer reference. The calculated parameters in the table are theoretical calculated values and do not represent actual values.