Discussion On The Configuration Of Consumable Materials In PD Test

- May 03, 2018-

The configuration of Cup Test Terminal Oil Cup is necessary in the process of partial discharge high-voltage test of medium voltage XLPE power cable. Sometimes in the test process will lead to the end of the breakdown of the oil cup burst phenomenon, so the right amount of procurement of reserve Oil Cup to become the daily test must be, such as usually ignore the problem,

Often in the production season affect the factory test efficiency of products, delay the timely delivery of products. Is 10KV, 35kV xlpe power cable Partial discharge test of the oil Cup, the daily cable end of the breakdown caused by the main part of the glass tube, metal base electrodes and fixed clamping cables are generally not damaged, can be repeatedly used, in the actual configuration, According to the number of test equipment in the plant, the actual consumption of oil cups, caliber size, the purchase of the corresponding caliber size and the appropriate number of plexiglass tube. Now the market can be purchased in accordance with the requirements of the Bureau of the test of plexiglass tube length, in the procurement must be based on their daily use of the diameter and length of the oil cup procurement. Plexiglass tube procurement in place, according to the length of the cup of plexiglass tube size cut, both ends of the thread at any time standby, so once the test terminal of the plexiglass tube burst, can be loaded at any time after the application of sealant curing (oil cup base thread tightening gap at the end of the leak) can be used,

Ensure the cable test is not affected by the test terminal damage. The electric cable Bureau puts the transformer oil which uses in the test, also must according to its actual test consumption quantity and the cycle to carry on the timely reserve, otherwise went to the transformer oil to run out of that day, then buys, will affect the product the delivery time greatly. Sometimes the factory production of 35kV Xlpe cable Large and concentrated, may result in the transformer oil test use of large consumption, it is recommended that cable manufacturers in the purchase of transformer oil, can be used to store oil drums, and the allocation of oil pumping device, which can greatly reduce the test staff of the labor intensity. The high voltage lead and quick connectors used in the local discharge test are also easy consumables for the test process. Usually at least have to reserve 2-3, or lead once the pressure of the metal hose loose and internal spring damage, it is easy to lead to the cable bureau holidays and false breakdown of the phenomenon, resulting in unnecessary equipment failure, At the same time also to the equipment troubleshooting to increase the difficulty. For the cable end stripping tool used in the local test process, the test personnel also must in the daily work many studies, the reamer and the blade must diligently add the maintenance, the correct use, in time reports buys the reserve, for the sheath opens the stripping tool to be diligent to study, the best can make some simple and practical tools, to reduce the inspection personnel manual labor difficulty. Sometimes, the inspection of the cable end is not easy to peel, the test must be equipped with cable cutting saw, saw blades. To ensure the smooth progress of the experiment.

According to the test screen room and between the control rooms of some signal transmission coaxial cable, both ends of the joint must also consider reserves, once the signal line connectors have bad contact, can be replaced at any time installation, greatly improve the efficiency of troubleshooting. The cable bureau puts some small spare parts used in the experiment, we must take into account in the daily work process, buys and prepares in advance, only then can guarantee the product test to carry out smoothly, the data is accurate and reliable. Provide strong logistic inspection guarantee for production process and customers. Although the work has been done superficially inconspicuous, but the actual significance is not negligible.