The Advantages Of Magnesia Cable

- Apr 27, 2018-

 1. Complete Fire prevention Magnesia cable itself completely does not burn, 250 ℃ can run for a long time, 1000 ℃ limit state can also maintain 30 minutes of normal operation, but also does not cause ignition. Even in the case of a flame grill, as long as the flame temperature is lower than the temperature of the copper melting point, the flame eliminates the need to replace the cable can still continue to use.

No poisonous fumes or gases will be produced in the event of a flame grill.

2. Strong overload protection ability When the line is overloaded, the cable will not be damaged as long as the heat does not reach the melting temperature of the copper.

Even if the instantaneous breakdown, the breakdown of MgO crystals will not form carbide, overload elimination, cable performance will not change, can continue normal use.

3. High working temperature

4, anti-corrosion, explosion-proof performance is good

As a result of the use of seamless copper pipe sheath, magnesia cable with waterproof, tidal, oil and some chemical damage to the performance of the copper tube has a considerable mechanical strength so there is better explosion-proof performance.

5. Long service life

Magnesia cables are all composed of inorganic materials, so there is no insulation aging, the service life can reach the ordinary cable more than 3 times times.

6, the laying of greater flexibility Magnesia cable can be laid on the bridge with the ordinary cable, at the same time can be used special stent, more flexible than ordinary cable laying, but also save cable tray input, can reduce the overall cost of the project.