Brief Introduction Of Magnesia Cable

- Apr 26, 2018-

Introduction of magnesium oxide Cable: Copper Core copper sheathed Magnesia insulated Fire-proof cable (hereinafter referred to as Magnesia cable), is a kind of outer layer using seamless copper protection cover, the middle filling magnesia crystal powder as insulating material, a single copper rod as a conductor of the new cable. It is not only capable of high temperature, fire, explosion-proof, flame-retardant, but also large load flow, small diameter, high mechanical strength, long service life, generally do not require independent grounding wire. Therefore, Magnesia cable is widely used in dangerous, harsh, high-temperature environment, such as nuclear power plants, metallurgy, chemical industry, mine, kiln and so on. In recent years, with the vigorous development of a variety of technology, Magnesia cable is also more used in high-rise buildings, airports, docks, subways and other civil buildings, to protect the fire in the case of fire pumps, fire elevators, local lighting, emergency evacuation instructions, security monitoring, smoke exhaust system,

Self-owned power supply and other fire-fighting electricity and important equipment uninterrupted operation.

Structure and model specification of Magnesia cable: Magnesia Fireproof Cable Manufacturing process is more complex. There are two main methods, first, the outer layer of seamless copper tube and core copper core conductor between the pouring of Magnesia crystal powder, the second is to press the magnesium oxide powder into a hollow cylinder, which is passed between the conductor and the copper pipe, and then through the pull-annealing-and then pull out of the multi-channel process cycle repeatedly and then made into cable. It should be noted that the Magnesia cable in the processing of the need to continuously detect the density of magnesia and copper pipe tightness and other projects.

Through the understanding of the production process and methods of Magnesia cable, we can see that the structure of the cable is mainly composed of three parts: the outer seamless copper casing, the middle of the insulating magnesium oxide crystal powder, the core as a conductor of copper rods. Magnesia cable models can be divided into BTTQ light cable (500V level) and Bttz heavy cable (750V Class) Two, Kempinski project mainly for Bttz heavy cable. Its specifications are mainly single core, two cores, three cores, four cores, seven cores, 12 cores and so on. Single-core to four-core Magnesia cable is mainly used for power, lighting, more than seven core for communication, control. Single-core cable maximum section can reach 4002m㎡, two cores to four core cable core wire maximum section is 25m㎡.