Maintenance And Management Of Copper Drawing Oil

- Apr 25, 2018-

 Some properties of emulsion are very important to the use effect, for this reason it is recommended to monitor the following indicators regularly: concentration; ph value; electrical conductivity; biological control. The specific control data range and drawing oil products related to the following data related to maintenance recommended values, for reference only.

(copper wire drawing oil)

(1) Concentration The concentration is determined according to the operation type and oil characteristic, and it needs to be checked regularly to maintain the concentration value. The concentration has two kinds of detection methods, Refractometer method, emulsion separation method.

(copper wire drawing oil)

(2) Ph value ph control range: 8--9. Because the emulsion direct contact with air, the air contains oxygen, carbon dioxide, so that the emulsion due to oxidation process and acidification, the ph value will naturally decline. With bacteria, the ph will drop. If the ph value is too low, the emulsion will become unstable, demulsification, and even the wire drawing die wear broken off and so on.

(copper wire drawing oil) Usually, because of oxygen and carbon dioxide caused by the decline in ph value can be added by the continuous addition of new liquid to compensate, in the loss of ph value of the cause of uncertainty, the use of ph regulator to adjust.


   (copper wire drawing oil)

(3) Conductivity The emulsion cannot remain unchanged permanently. With the carbonation of emulsion in liquid, evaporation of water, residual salt on copper wire, and addition of hard soil, the content of salt in emulsion increases with time, and the conductivity is increased only because of the increase of salt content due to evaporation loss.

(copper wire drawing oil) The instability of emulsion is related to salt content, so by measuring the conductivity, it can determine its use condition and decide whether to change liquid.

(copper wire drawing oil)

(4) Biological control The biological balance of emulsion must be controlled to prolong the service life of emulsion.

(copper wire drawing oil) In addition to the total bacterial content, it should be found that the emulsion contains anaerobic desulfurization bacteria, they will attach to copper wire, and control of fungi, mold and yeast is also very important, these fungi may be air, water, system residues and accidental sources of pollution into the system. fungi, yeast and mold will block the pipeline, resulting in wire drawing disconnection, drawing die, guide wheel wear, machine pollution.

(copper wire drawing oil) The determination of biological fungi or content can be quickly measured by a general test cell: A, total bacterial content, B, desulfurization bacteria, C, fungi, d, yeast and mold. According to the test results, such as serious contamination of bacteria, should take immediate measures to use specific fungicides. (copper wire drawing oil)